This table is from Table 1 in the Color Research and Application journal article.  There you will find references to all these color therapy claims.
Color and disease Color and disease
Blue Indigo
Apoplexy Asthma
Baldness Bronchitis
Biliousness acute
Blood pressure Cataract
raises Convulsions
high Delirium tremens
Bruises Dyspepsia
Bubonic Plague Ear
Burns Eye
Cancer Insanity
Cataract Lung
Chicken pox Nose
Cholera Paralysis, facial
Colic Parathyroid
Cuts Pneumonia
Dysentery Lemon
Epilepsy Pancreas
Eye, inflammation Thymus gland
Female diseases
Fever Magenta
Gastritis Heart
Glaucoma Diuretic
Headache Prostate
Hemorrhage Suprarenal stimulant
Hoarseness Orange
Hysteria Asthma
Inflammation Bronchitis
Insomnia Cough, wet
Jaundice Epilepsy
Laryngitis Gout
Measles Lungs
Menstruation, painful Mammary gland
Nephritis Menstruation
Nervous condition Rheumatism
Neuralgia chronic
Palpitation Thyroid
Pineal gland Purple
Polio Indigestion
acute Red
Scarlet fever Anemia
Sciatica Arthritis
Skin afflictions Blood pressure
Tumors, hard, submaxillary Bronchial asthma
Typhoid Bronchitis
Vomiting Circulation
With violet Eczema
Convulsions Exhaustion
Eczema Liver
With yellow Measles
Bladder Melancholy
Diphtheria Paralysis
Nasal catarrh Paraplegia
Green Rheumatism
Blood pressure Scarlet fever
Cancer Smallpox
Cold, head Tuberculosis
Hay fever Ruby
Headache Liver
Jaundice Violet
Kidney Bladder
Liver Blood vessels
Malaria Bone growth
Pituitary gland Concussion
Ulcers Cramps
Color and disease Color and disease
Epilepsy Deafness
Heart Diabetes
Insomnia Flatulence
Kidney Gastritis
Kills bacillus of Indigestion
tuberculosis Liver ailments
Lungs Paralysis
Meningitis Stimulant
Mental disorders liver
Neuralgia nerves
Rheumatism Tubercular cases
Scalp diseases  
Sciatica Ultraviolet
Spleen Acne vulgaris
Tumors Deafness
  Mycosis fungoides
Yellow Pityriasis rosea
Blood pressure Psoriasis
Bronchial irritation
Constipation cure