Born: February 8, 1933, Berlin, Germany
Wife: Linda, Library Technician (retired)
Children: David Alan, Wendy Jill
Citizen: U.S.A.\ Canada

Military Experience
United States Air Force, Air Traffic Controller, 1952-1956.

Academic History
B.A., 1960, (Psychology) Adelphi University
M.A., 1963, (Psychology) University of California, Los Angeles
Ph.D., 1966, (Psychology) University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests
Vision Research, Color Science, Sensory Processes, Physiological Optics, Human Factors.

Teaching Interests
Vision Research, Color Science, Physiological Optics, Human Factors Research (Ergonomics), Research Methods, Human Response to Color

Positions Held
Lecturer, Department of Psychology, UCLA, 1965.
Post-doctoral Fellow (NINDB) Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester 1966-68
Research Associate, Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester, 1968
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, York University, 1968-71.
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, York University, 1971-80.
Visiting Research Officer, Division of Physics, National Research Council, Ottawa, 1974.
Chairman, Department of Psychology, York University, 1979-82.
Professor, Department of Psychology and Biology, York University, 1980-93.
Visiting Scholar, Center for Human Information Processing (CHIP), University of California, San Diego, 1982-83.
Visiting Research Scholar, Graduate School at Nagatsuta, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1984.
Adjunct Professor, School of Optometry, Faculty of Science, University Waterloo, 1985
Topical Editor, Color Vision- Color Research and Application 1988-1992
Max Planck Society Senior Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Neurobiology Department, Goettingen, Germany, 1988.
Professor Emeritus / Senior Scholar, York University, 1993-

Significant Recognition
Certificate of Merit, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science, 1982.
Certificate of Appreciation, Inter-Society Color Council, 1987.
Macbeth Award, Inter-Society Color Council, 1994
CIE Certificate, 1995

Professional Societies
Optical Society of America (Emeritus Fellow)
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (Emeritus)
Society for Neuroscience (Emeritus)



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National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness Post-doctoral Fellowship, 1966-1968.

Canadian Delegate to Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (C.I.E.) Barcelona, Spain, 1971.

Member, Canadian National Committee, Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (C.I.E.) 1972-1993.

Member, National Academy of Science - National Research Council Committee (NAS-NRC) Committee on Vision (U.S.A.) 1973-1977.

Advisory Panel on Roadway Lighting and Traffic Accidents. Ministry of Transport, Road & Vehicle Safety Dept. 1974.

Advisory Panel on Publishing, American Institute of Physics. 1974.

Editorial Board, Color Research and Application. 1975-1988, 1992-

Optical Society of America representative to Inter-Society Color Council, 1976-1992

Treasurer, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science, 1976-78.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Grant Selection Committee for Experimental Psychology, 1976-79.

Editorial Advisory Panel, Optics Letters, 1977-78.

Corresponding Associate Commentator, Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 1977.

Chairman, C.I.E. Committee TC-1.4, Vision, 1978-83.

Chairman, National Research Council Advisory Committee on Lighting Research, 1978-81.

Editor, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science Newsletter, 1978-80, 1983-1984.

President-Elect, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science, 1979-83.

Executive Committee, International Color Association (AIC), 1981-85.

Merit Award from the Canadian Society for Color, 1982.

National Research Council of Canada Review Committee on Optics and Mechanics, 1983.

International Advisory Committee, Optics in Modern Science and Technology, The 13th Congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO-13), 1983-84.

President, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science, 1983-85.

Chairman, CIE Technical Committee-1.3, Models Heterochromatic Brightness Matching 1981-87

Member, Board of Directors, Inter-Society Color Council [USA], 1984-1987.

Vice President, Canadian National Committee/Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CNC/CIE) 1984-92

Assistant Editor (Science), Canadian Society for Color Newsletter: Color and Science, 1984-1986

Member, Munsell Color Laboratory Technical Advisory Board, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1984-1990

Past-president, Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry and Science, 1985-87.

Member, Executive Committee, Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage 1984-1992

Member, Board of Directors, Lighting Research Institute [USA], 1985-88.

Member, Canadian Advisory Committee/International Standards Organization/Technical Committee 187 - Color Notation 1986-1995

Consultant, CIE Technical Committee 1-07, Observer Metamerism, 1981-87

Consultant, CIE Technical Committee 1-01, Mesopic Photometry, 1981-87

Member, CIE Technical Committee 1-02, Luminous Efficiency Functions, 1981-87

Chair, CIE Technical Committee 1-20, Judd Modification, 1987-89

Member, CIE Technical Committee 1-21, Testing of Supplementary System of Photometry 1987-92

Consultant, CIE Technical Committee 1-04, Physiological Based System of Colour Specification

Member, CIE Technical Committee 1-26, Individual Variation of Heterochromatic Brightness Matching

Principle Investigator, research contract with E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Co. Inc. 1987-88

Principle Investigator, research contract with Analysis & Technology, Inc. 1989-1992

Member, Tillyer Award Committee, Optical Society of America 1985-91

Chair, Optical Society of America delegation to Inter-Society Color Council 1988-92

Chair, Tillyer Award Committee, Optical Society America 1988-90

Member, Chapters Committee, Society for Neuroscience 1990-93

Member, CIE Technical Committee 1-36, Fundamental Chromaticity Diagram with Physiological Significant Axes 1991-1996


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