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York University Factbook

Factbook Index

1996 - 1997 Reports

Section 00 Facts in Brief
01 1996-97 Facts In Brief.pdf
Section 01 The York Community
01 The York Community.pdf
Section 02 Enrolment History
01 York University Enrolment History.pdf
02 Distribution of 1996 Enrolments.pdf
Section 03 Student Data
01 Students Registered Summer 1996.PDF
02 Students Registered November 1996.PDF
03 Visa Students Registered Summer 1996.PDF
04 Visa Students Registered November 1996.PDF
05 Graph Percentage Visa Stud Registered Nov 1996.PDF
06 Language Group by Home Faculty Nov 1996.PDF
07 FullTime PartTime Stud Reg Nov 1996.PDF
08 FullTime PartTime Stud Gender Nov 1996.PDF
09 FullTime PartTime Stud Gender Summer 1996.PDF
10 Grad Stud FtPt Gender November 1996.PDF
11 Male Female Students Registered Summer 1996.PDF
12 Male Female Students Registered November 1996.PDF
13 Graph Percent Female Students Nov 1996.PDF
14 Age Distribution Students Registered Nov 1996.PDF
15 Subjects Undergrad Stud Major1 Nov 1996.PDF
16 Subjects Undergrad Stud Major2 Nov 1996.PDF
17 Subjects Undergrad Stud Major by YrLvl Nov 1996.PDF
18 Undergrad Students Year of Study Nov 1996.PDF
19 Students Hon Ord Program by YrLvl Nov 1996.PDF
20 Degree Sought by York Student Nov 1996.PDF
21 Certificate Sought by York Students Nov 1996.PDF
22 Subjects CoReg PreServ Ed Stud Nov 1996.PDF
23 CoReg PreServ Ed Candidates Nov 1996.PDF
24 College Enrolment Undergrad Stud Nov 1996.PDF
25 Dist Students by Home Address GTA Nov 1996.PDF
26 County of Residence Undergrad Stud Nov 1996.PDF
27 Geographic Origin by Province Nov 1996.PDF
28 Geographic Origin by Continent Nov 1996.PDF
29 Average Course Load November 1996.PDF
Section 04 Student Enrolment by Faculty
01 Dist Students HomeFac by TeachingFac 1996.PDF
02 From Which Faculty are Students Taking Courses Nov 1996.pdf
03 Funded FFTEs Undergrad Prof Taught by Faculty.pdf
04 Master FFTEs Eligible for Funding.PDF
05 Master FFTEs Ineligible for Funding.PDF
06 Doctoral FFTEs Eligible for Funding.PDF
07 Doctoral FFTEs Ineligible for Funding.PDF
Section 05 Student Admissions Data
01 Grade 13 Applications Fall Winter 1996.PDF
02 Registrants in First Year 1996.PDF
03 Arts OAC Average Year 1 November 1 1996.PDF
04 EnvStud OAC Average Year 1 November 1 1996.PDF
05 FineArts OAC Average Year 1 November 1 1996.PDF
06 Glendon OAC Average Year 1 November 1 1996.PDF
07 Pure&ApplScience OAC Average Yr 1 Nov 1 1996.PDF
08 Schulich OAC Average Year 1 November 1 1996.PDF
Section 06 FFTE and BIU Funding
01 Official FFTEs BIUs Reported for Funding.PDF
Section 07 Registration Pattern
01 The Registration Pattern at York.PDF
Section 08 Analysis of Course Locations
01 Undergrad Course Location FFTE.PDF
02 Type of Courses Taught by Faculty Nov 1996.PDF
Section 09 Degrees Granted
01 Degrees Granted by Convocation 1996.PDF
02 Degrees Granted by Gender 1996.PDF
03 Degrees Granted by Year 1963 Through 1996.PDF
04 Degrees Granted by Major Year.PDF
Section 10 Financial Aid
01 1996-97 Ontario Student Awards Program.PDF
02 Grad Studies Scholarships by Program 1996-97.PDF
Section 11 Full Time Faculty
01 FullTime Academic Staff 1976-77 Through 1996-97.PDF
02 FullTime Faculty by Rank October 1996.PDF
03 FullTime Faculty by Faculty October 1996.PDF
04 FullTime Faculty by Gender October 1996.PDF
05 FullTime Faculty Age Distribution October 1996.PDF
Section 12 Full Time Librarians
01 FullTime Librarians History Rank Gender.PDF
Section 13 Contract Faculty and Teaching Assistants
01 Gender of Contract Faculty and TAs 1996-97.pdf
02 Contract Faculty Assignments 1996-97.pdf
03 Percent Female Contract Faculty 1996-97.pdf
04 Teaching Assistant Assignments 1996-97.pdf
05 Percent Female Teaching Assistants 1996-97.pdf
Section 14 Full Time Support Staff
01 Support Staff All October 1996.PDF
02 Support Staff Grade Gender October 1996.PDF
03 Support Staff Positions Filled by Unit Dept Oct 1996.pdf
Section 15 Student Faculty Ratio
01 FTE On Site Teaching Strength 1988-89 1996-97.PDF
02 Student Faculty Ratios 1988-89 Through 1996-97.PDF
Section 16 Research Grants and Contracts
01 Research Grants and Contracts.PDF
Section 17 Physical Space
01 Physical Space Area Accommodation 1996.PDF

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