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York 2010 International Conference

The UNHCR and the Supervision of International Refugee Law

The purpose of the York 2010 International Conference on “Forced Displacement, Protection Standards and the Supervision of the 1951 Convention and its 1967 Protocol and Other International Instruments” is to bring together senior officials from the States Party to these international instruments, UN Agencies such as the UNHCR, OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights) and other international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC), International Labour Organization (ILO), senior jurists, legal scholars and other academics from a variety of disciplines, INGOs and NGOs, advocates, and undergraduate and graduate students to consider how best to enhance the UNHCR’s capacity to fulfil its onerous obligations to supervise these two seminal international refugee rights instruments as well as others.  [ read more » ]

NEW! The UNHCR and the Supervision of International Refugee Law - Edited by James C. Simeon, York University, Toronto - Cambridge University Press

York 2010 International Conference

UN4U -- Heartbeat of the world Youtube

United Nations, 24 October 2010 - When disaster strikes, the lives of millions of people can change in a heartbeat.

UNHCR turns 60 Youtube

The UN refugee agency was founded on December 14, 1950, to help the forcibly displaced after World War Two. It has since assisted tens of millions.