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York 2010 International Conference

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The Hon. Mr. Justice Nicholas Blake

President, Asylum and Immigration Chamber, Upper Tribunal, London, United Kingdom


The Hon Mr Justice Blake: From 1974 to 2007 Nicholas Blake was a barrister practising at the English Bar and lattery at Matrix Chambers London. He specialised in immigration asylum human rights and EU free movement la and appeared in many leading cases before the UK House of Lords, the ECJ Luxembourg and the ECtHR Strasbourg. He also served as a special advocate in security cases connected with immigration and control orders from 1998.

In November 2007 he was appointed a judge of the High Court (QBD) and assigned to the Administrative Court that hears public law challenges.

In February 2010 he was appopinted the president of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the UK Upper Tribunal that hears immigration appeals on matters of law from first tier judges.