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York 2010 International Conference

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Allan Lutfy

Allan Lutfy

Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Honourable Allan Lutfy was appointed to the Federal Court in 1996 and became its Chief Justice on July 2, 2003. Prior to his appointment to the judiciary, he specialised in civil litigation and administrative law before the courts of Québec and Ontario. He acted as counsel before a number of commissions of inquiry concerning national security, the state of competition in the petroleum industry and the use of drugs in sports. He was also counsel to the Security Intelligence Review Committee and to the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. Between 1973 and 1979, he was a political advisor with the federal government. He was born in Montréal where he studied at Loyola College and graduated in civil law from McGill University in 1967. In December 1979, he married Brigitte Lord and they are the parents of three children: Pierre, Patrick and Caroline.