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Throughout the life of a research project, the PI is responsible for initiating and approving all purchases against his/her research grant or contract, and ensuring eligibility of all expenses. Your Faculty Research Administrator and/or Research Accounting are available to assist you on the effective administration of your research grant/contract.

Expenditures charged to research grants and contracts are required to comply with University policies, unless the granting agency guidelines impose greater restrictions. Researchers should refer to the funding agency guidelines and approved budgets for the grant or contract. Another source of reference is the Expense Eligibility Chart intended to provide guidance on the eligibility of common goods and services that are charged across all funds.

Listed below are the most common eligible/ineligible expenses. For a more comprehensive list of ineligible expenses refer to the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide; the funding agency guidelines and York's Reimbursement of Expenses Procedure.


  • Research related costs
  • Research supplies
  • Equipment/computers
  • Student & independent contractor salaries
  • Reference materials
  • Printing/copying
  • Overhead (agency approved)
  • Travel directly related to research
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Meals, accommodation and transportation related to travel
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa fees


  • Non-research related expenses
  • Expenses which are recoverable from a third party
  • Passport costs
  • Late payment fees or interest on credit cards or overdraft interest charges
  • 407 transponder or toll charges
  • Parking, traffic or other fines and penalties
  • Furniture and furnishings