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What is a Cost Centre?

Cost centres consist of a unique six (6) digit number which identifies a research grant/contract in the University's financial reporting system. All internal research related projects such as start-up, minor, other research grants, and professional expense reimbursements (PERs) begin with 4xxxxx. Externally sponsored research grants/contracts such as government, private industry and donor funding begin with 5xxxxx.

When will I have access to my funds?

The PI will be provided access to their funds upon e-mail notification from Research Accounting of account set-up. Refer to Steps for Receiving Research Funding.

How do I know what my grant/project balance is?

The PI and/or the delegate has access to the research grant/contract balance via eReports, the University's Enterprise Reporting System used to access various financial and human resources related reports. All PI's and delegates are given access to the eReports secure website and are then able to view their current balances and transactions. All new users are required to take eReports training to learn how to access financial information relating to the cost centre(s) they control.

Who can sign the Accountability Document?

The principal investigator of the research grant/contract signs the Accountability Document. The PI can assign a delegate signing authority, who is then given the authority to sign for expenses incurred against the cost centre, with the exception of travel related expenses.

Who can be a signing authority delegate?

Delegates must be full-time employees of York University.

Are there any restrictions on expenditures dated prior to the date of the grant/contract award?

Refer to the specific terms of the agreement as the rules may vary.

Are expenses incurred prior to the start date of a research grant eligible for reimbursement?

For tri council grants, costs incurred between the date of the grant announcement of the agencies website and the effective funding start date of the grant, are eligible for reimbursement. However, the agencies do not assume responsibility for any costs should a change in funding occur. Therefore, if the announcement of the award or the Letter of Award was received prior to the expenses being incurred, the expenses would be allowable.

For non tri council grants, please refer to your research agreement or contract for specific information regarding eligibility.