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Risk and Insurance


Insurance Coverage Questions
The York University Insurance Manual summarizes York’s insurance policies and provides best practices in managing risk and insurance issues associated with the activities of the York community. (York University Insurance Manual - Restricted to York faculty and staff [requires Passport York to view])

Reporting a Claim?
Insurance and Risk Management Services are responsible for managing all losses and/or claims that may impact on the University's insurance coverage.

In the event of any loss (personal injury, property damage, automobile, etc.) the department involved must:

  1. File a report either with York Security Services, or the local police department
  2. Contact Insurance and Risk Management Services
  3. Make no admissions, settlements or offers, or sign any statements except as required by a police officer.

Insurance and Risk Management Services will notify York’s insurance carrier. It is the responsibility of York's insurers to investigate any or all claims on behalf of the University. The following is a brief summary of the types of losses and the appropriate reporting procedures that should occur: Loss Reporting

Personal Injury to Non-Employees

Incidences that involve non-employees (e.g. students, visitors and volunteers) require the completion of a YU-Incident Report (Non-Employee). Guidelines on completing this form can be found here.

Operating a York Owned or Leased Vehicle?
Driver Profile Form - Employees authorized to operate University owned/leased vehicles must complete a Driver Profile form. Once completed and signed by the employee and his/her supervisor, forward the original Driver Profile form to the Insurance and Risk Management Services, Finance Department (Suite B, East Office Building).

Auto Accident Report Form - This form should be used in cases of off-campus motor vehicle accidents. Please fax the report within 48 hours of the accident to the Insurance and Risk Management Services (416) 736-5815. Insurance and Risk Management Services will contact the insurance carrier immediately upon notification.

Insurance Certificates - What are they?
A certificate of insurance is an indicator of adequate insurance coverage in force to protect the interests of York University and other parties when necessary, and is issued to the University by insurance carriers underwriting risks incurred by:

  1. Independent contractors performing construction or any type of work or activity under a service agreement or any other contract entered into by the University;
  2. For businesses providing services to the University; and
  3. Third party use of University facilities

For more information refer to the Administration of Certificates of Insurance / University Insurance Requirements Standard Operation Procedure (PDF).

Do You Need an Insurance Certificate?
Staff or students who are required to work or study off-campus may be requested by the host institution to produce a Liability certificate. Unless otherwise specified or requested, (e.g., by government institutions, hospitals, etc.) the Liability certificate will be issued for a preferred amount of $1 million.

To request an insurance certificate, please download this file:
Certificates of Insurance Request Form Certificates of Insurance Request Form (TXT)

Complete sections 3 and 7-9 and copy and paste it into an email to:

York University Third Party Certificate of Insurance Template

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