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Risk Management SERVICES

Risk Management

While risk is inherent in any organization and claims will always occur, their impact can be minimized and contained through an effective risk management program. Insurance and Risk Management Services strives to be a consultative resource to the University community in advising about insurance, claims and paralegal issues relating to Risk Management.

Risk Management - Standard Operating Services
The purpose of these SOP's are to demonstrate best practices in managing the risks and insurance issues associated with the activities of the York University community.  Please contact Risk Management Services if you have any questions or concerns. The following links are in PDF format.

Other Risk Management Resources

CURIE: Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange is the cooperative risk sharing pool created and owned by its 58 member Canadian universities to secure their core property and liability insurance risks. CURIE offers its member universities a wide range of risk management resources including lab safety audits and student event risk management toolkits.

RIMS: Risk and Insurance Management Society is a global not-for-profit organization offering networking, professional development and educational opportunities. RIMS provides a formal platform where experts and learners of insurance and risk management can exchange ideas, best practices and industry changes to over 10,000 risk management professionals who operate in more than 120 countries.

Ian McGregor & Associates Inc. is an internationally recognized organization specializing in the Risk Management of Sport and Recreation events and activities. McGregor & Associates provides student's staff and faculty with information and guidance in planning, executing and monitoring sport and recreation functions. Periodic newsletters and resources can be found on their website. Sport and Risk webinars from McGregor & Associates are made available to CURIE members and can be retrieved directly from York University’s Risk Management Services department.

The Laboratory Safety Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality safety training, audits, inspections and consultation services in a wide variety of academic and non-academic environments. The Laboratory Safety Institute offers resources on their website including, 40 Suggestions for a Safer Lab.

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