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Professor Maria João Dodman, Interim Master


Maria João  Dodman

It is a privilege to serve the Founders College community as Interim Master for 2014-15.

Founders College, the first college on the York University Keele Campus, has for several decades contributed to the well-being of its community in a variety of ways. We are greatly invested in the student experience and in providing enriching opportunities for our students from their first to last year. Founders College is affiliated with over twenty programs and is a gathering place for scholars, students and staff who uphold and contribute to the College's mandate of "Self, Culture and Society."

The College also includes Founders' Fellows, who represent a diverse wealth of disciplines, and are distinguished scholars and researchers in their fields. I encourage all students to engage with the College's Fellows and other community members, including our Student Council and the faculty and staff who comprise the Master's Office.

I also encourage you to make use of our many student-friendly spaces where you find places to study, to participate in events and to interact with your classmates. I invite you to participate in the many social, cultural and academic events held at the College each year. These events, which are organized by the Master's Office will enrich your studies and your time at Founders in countless ways.

I also encourage you to join our vibrant Student Council, who provide many opportunities throughout the year to network and connect with other students and student associations.

I welcome all first year students and returning students to the College. Founders is your home away from home and I look forward to meeting you.

See you at Founders,

Professor Maria João Dodman
Interim Master, Founders College

Office: 216A Founders College
Telephone: 416-736-2100 Ext. 20610

To learn more about Professor Dodman, please visit