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The Office of the Master takes student volunteers for a variety of events throughout the academic year. The list below will give you an idea of the types of initiatives for which we seek volunteers:

Academic Orientation
Many volunteers gain membership in the College's Peer Advising program and volunteer regularly for Academic Orientation every year, which takes place at the end of August.

academic orientationacademic orientation

Founders College has organized two major conferences thus far that have included student volunteers to help us with registration of speakers and the welcoming of guests. Our last conference, Towards a Democratic Cosmopolis: Diaspora, Citizenship, and Recognition brought together approximately 30 speakers and 260 participants.

The College organizes a booksale each year to raise funds for minor renovations, student space, and the beautification of the College. The 2009/2010 Founders booksale had a participation of 33 student volunteers.

The Office of the Master organizes a variety of academic, social and cultural events during the academic year where volunteers are welcome to participate.

centra p.a.r.c.
Central P.A.R.C
Central PARC is a booth on the 1st floor of the College that is run by upper year Founders College students who work in the College as Information Assistants. The student assistants are available to answer student enquiries on a variety of topics such as registrarial deadlines, directions to centres and departments on campus, facilities and resources in the College, etc. The Master's Office welcomes first and second year students to volunteer as Junior Information Assistants and work with the upper year student assistants in assisting students.

Contact Marco Sestito at or x22348 for more information on our volunteer opportunites.