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Fahim QuadirDr. Fahim Quadir
Interim Dean and Associate Vice-President Graduate
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Department of Social Science and Development Studies 
York University
Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 1P3
Tel: (416)-736-2100 ext. 55329

Dr. Fahim Quadir is the Interim Dean and Associate Vice-President Graduate in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Professor of Development Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. Prior to joining the Faculty at York University in 2001, he held academic positions at Queen’s University at Kingston, St. Lawrence University in New York, and the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. He also taught International Development Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax. From July 2013 to May 2017, Dr. Quadir served as Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies. He is the founding director of York University’s Graduate Program in Development Studies and its undergraduate program in IDS.

Professor Quadir specializes in International Development, International Relations and International Political Economy. His current research focuses on South-South Cooperation, aid effectiveness, Southern aid providers, good governance, civil society, micro-finance, trans-border social movements for peace, human security, and human development. 

Dr. Quadir has edited/co-edited five books namely: Towards a Democratic Cosmopolis: diaspora(2017), citizenship and recognition Civil Society in Bangladesh: in search of democracy and development (July 2015), Democracy and civil society in Asia: globalization, democracy, and civil society in Asia (2004), Democracy and civil society in Asia: democratic transitions and social movements in Asia (2004), and Crises of governance in Asia and Africa (2001). He has published extensively in various international peer review journals relating to South-South cooperation, emerging donors, aid effectiveness, good governance, civil society, democratic consolidation, transnational social movements, human security and regional development.

Dr. Quadir has held many grants and fellowships, including Fulbright, SSHRC, IDRC, SSRC (USA) and Killam. He has supervised numerous graduate students, designed and taught a number of graduate and undergraduate courses and received the University-Wide Teaching Award for teaching excellence from the full-time faculty category.

He served as President of the Canadian Consortium for University Programs in International Development and as Board Member of the Canadian Association for the Society of International Development. Professor Quadir is also a Board member of a number of community organizations and research institutes and has participated in several large-scale development and research projects in different parts of the world.

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