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I am a member of the graduate faculty of three institutions: the Department of Philosophy, York University, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University , and the Department of Philosophy, McMaster University.  I am happy to supervise in almost any area of philosophy of law, and serve on the supervisory committee for dissertations and theses in political and moral philosophy.

PhD Supervisor:

Matt Schaeffer (Philosophy, York University), Persons and Prisons: A Normative Theory of Imprisonment

Mohammad Al-Hakim (Philosophy, York University), Uneasy Relations: Islam, Liberalism, and the Value of Tension (completed August 2012)


PhD Supervisory Committee:

Nathan Harron (Philosophy, York University), Accounting for Diversity: Social Location, Objectivity, and the Politics of Knowledge

Paula Popovici (Philosophy, York University), Living with Violence

Michael Long (Osgoode Hall Law School)

Al Manduca-Barone (Philosophy, York University), Standards of Competence for Valid Consent to Medical Research (complete June 2015)

Heather Kuiper (Philosophy, McMaster University), Understanding Fundamental Secondary Rules and the Inclusive/Exclusive Legal Positivism Debate (completed October 2012)

Graham Hudson (Osgoode Hall Law School), The Art of Persuasion: International/Comparative Human Rights, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Reconstruction of the Canadian Security Certificate Regime (completed October 2012)

Teresa Segal (Philosophy, York University), The Ethics of Eradicating The Autism Gene – An Argument for the Intrinsic Value of Autistic Persons and Their Potential (completed June 2012)

Fabio Shecaira (Philosophy, McMaster University), Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law (completed February 2012)


MA Supervisory Committee:

Talene Thomasian (Philosophy, McMaster University), Law and the Concept of Law: Beyond the Nation State (completed September 2010)


LLM Supervisor:

(With Prof. F. Tanguay-Renaud) Robin Edger (Osgoode Hall Law School), Mainstream Discrimination: A Consequentialist Examination of Restricting Discriminatory Publications in the Mainstream Media (completed November 2010)


LLM Supervisory Committee:

Michael Torrence (Osgoode Hall Law School), Persuasive Authority Beyond the State: A Theoretical Analysis of Transnational Corporate Social Responsibility Norms as Legal Reasons within Positive Legal Systems (completed January 2011)

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