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Graduate Program in Anthropology

Welcome to one of the largest graduate programs in socio-cultural anthropology in Canada.  As a graduate student, you will be joining a dynamic program known for innovative research and theory integrating a diverse range of specializations not found at any other university. With 19 full-time and 7 affiliated faculty members, our program has a well-established national and international reputation for critical scholarship, advanced theory, and engagement in local, national and global contemporary issues. We have a long tradition of combining scholarship with a commitment to social and economic justice. 

The outstanding quality and diversity of our graduate students is one of our greatest strengths. Our students are successful in scholarship competitions and have won an impressive number of national and international awards for academic achievement. They are active participants in the political and cultural life of the campus and beyond and produce research that is engaged with contemporary issues faced by diverse communities, groups and organizations in local and international contexts.

Graduate students participate in courses, workshops, and colloquia to develop research and professional skills and advanced knowledge in anthropological theories and methodologies.  In addition, York University supports a number of Research Centres which draw faculty from multiple departments, including many faculty members
of the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology. We encourage our students to join and participate in the activities of these Centres.

Our graduates have found employment in a range of rewarding professions.  Of our graduated PhD students, 83% have gone on to take up academic positions. In addition to academic careers, we have alumni who work in policy and research positions for NGOs, governmental institutions, and consulting and marketing agencies; in curatorial positions in museums; and as filmmakers, artists, and writers.  Our aim is to ensure that graduates of our Masters and Doctoral programs will be well placed to pursue their academic and professional career goals.

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Teresa Holmes
I am interested in the complex processes by which people fashion meaningful identities in response to, in relation to, and sometimes against the subject-making activities of state apparatuses. In my early work in historical anthropology, I examined the links between discourse, power, and the construction of kinship identity in colonial Kenya. 
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Dates & Deadlines

The deadline to apply to graduate school for Fall 2014 is January 15, 2014.

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