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Graduate Program in Biology

The Graduate Program in Biology offers programs leading to the Master of Science degree (by research thesis) and the Doctor of Philosophy degree (by research dissertation).  We do not offer degrees based on course work.

Graduate studies in Biology at York University are firmly based in research. Those courses which are required are designed to enhance the awareness of current research in various fields of biology or to bring students' knowledge to the latest state of the art in their area of interest. The research interests of the faculty are concentrated in a limited number of areas, namely:

  • Animal Physiology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Ecology and Evolution

The Program is rigorous and demanding while maintaining an informal and friendly atmosphere. It is easy to get to know the students and faculty, most of whom are very approachable and always willing to provide ideas and equipment and other forms of assistance to all students in the program.

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Joel S. Shore
PhD (Toronto)
Professor of Biology

Research Areas: Evolutionary Biology, Population Biology, Genetics, Plant Biology