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Graduate Program in Biology

Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

Admission Requirements

At the master’s level, students work closely with a supervisor and their research is supported by that supervisor.  Thus, no student is accepted into the program unless a faculty member agrees to supervise that student.

Graduates with a four-year bachelor’s degree in biological science, or its equivalent, with at least a B+ average in the last two years of study, may be admitted as candidates for the Master of Science degree.  Each candidate selects a faculty supervisor on the basis of their mutual research interests and a supervisory committee (usually consisting of the supervisor and one other faculty member with similar research interests) is appointed by the graduate program to supervise and monitor the student’s progress.

Qualifying Year

Graduates lacking the necessary undergraduate preparation may qualify for admission as undergraduate special students in the Faculty of Science.  These admissions are dealt with by the undergraduate Admissions Office.  Students are advised to take the equivalent of at least three, and up to five full courses.  Students are advised to consult with potential graduate supervisors in selecting the courses to be taken, and are advised to have at least a C average before attempting such a program.

Note:  Successful completion of a year as a Special Student does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.