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Graduate Program in Biology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology

Admission Requirements

At the PhD level, students work closely with a supervisor, and their research is supported by that supervisor.  Thus, no student is accepted into the program unless a faculty member agrees to supervise that student.
Graduates from a recognized university with a master’s degree or equivalent in biological science, with at least a B+ average, or with a medical degree, may be admitted as candidates (PhD I) in a program of study and research leading to the PhD degree.  Each candidate selects a faculty supervisor on the basis of their mutual research interests and a supervisory committee (usually consisting of the supervisor and two other faculty members with similar research interests) is appointed by the graduate program to supervise and monitor the student’s progress.

Graduates with an honours bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in one of the biological sciences, who have at least B+ standing at the undergraduate level may be considered for admission to the PhD program.  Normally, however, such graduates must first register as candidates for the MSc degree.  Such graduates may be advanced in status to candidates (PhD I) for the PhD degree, without completing the requirements for the MSc degree, but only between 12 and 16 months after first registering for the MSc degree, if their progress during the first year is deemed satisfactory by their Supervisory Committee and if this advancement is recommended by the supervisory committee and the Graduate Program Director. Candidates wishing to make this change must pass a qualifying examination.  This examination will take the form of the PhD preliminary examination (see below).