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Graduate Program in Chemistry


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Sylvie Morin

Sylvie Morin
PhD (Ottawa), Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair

Office: 346 PSE
Telephone: 416 736 2100 ext. 22303 (L 20477/33870)

Research Interests: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Electrochemistry, Metal Deposition, Nanostructures


The general goal of the research is to find the relationships between the structure of electrodeposited metal films and nanostructures and some of their magnetic, electronic and catalytic properties. Many parameters can affect the metal growth – the applied current, concentration of the metal ions, temperature, and the structure of the surface – and their effects on the growth of thin films and nanostructure is not well understood. Electrochemical techniques coupled with scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) is the method of choice for these studies. Several projects are underway in related areas including the growth and characterization of electrodeposited magnetic thin films.