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Graduate Program in Chemistry

MSc Program in Chemistry

Admission Requirements

A four-year B.Sc. degree in chemistry or equivalent with a minimum of B but preferably a B+.

Graduates lacking the necessary undergraduate preparation may qualify for admission as undergraduate Special Students in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science. During this qualifying year, graduates will be required to raise their qualifications to the minimum level required for admission as Candidates. While admissions to this Qualifying Year are dealt with by the Undergraduate Admissions Office, students are advised to consult with the Director of the Graduate Program regarding course load and selection.

*Note: Successful completion of studies as a Special Student at the undergraduate level does not guarantee admission to the Graduate Program.

Degree Requirements

M.Sc. Degree by Research Thesis (Full-Time)

Course requirements are two full courses (12 credits) at the graduate level including two research evaluation half courses (CHEM 6020 3.0). In addition, students must conduct a research project and report the results in appropriate thesis form. The research and thesis should demonstrate the Candidate's independence, originality, and understanding of the area of investigation at an advanced level. After the formal submission of the thesis, an oral examination, normally centred on the thesis and matters related to it, is held.

M.Sc. Degree by Coursework (Part-time)

Course requirements are four full courses (24 credits) at the graduate level; or three full courses (18 credits) plus a full-course literature survey review essay (CHEM 6010 6.0); or three full and one half courses (21 credits) plus a half-course literature survey review essay (CHEM 6010 3.0).