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Graduate Program in Chemistry


PhD Program in Chemistry

Admission Requirements

Graduates with a Master's degree in chemistry, normally with a minimum B average but preferably a B+. Graduates with an honours degree in chemistry interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree, must first register as Candidates for the M.Sc. degree. If their progress is satisfactory, they may be transferred into the Ph.D. Program and advanced to Candidate (Ph.D. I) for the Ph.D. degree, generally after 18 months, and without necessarily completing the thesis requirements for the M.Sc. degree. A graduate student wishing to be transferred from the M.Sc. Program to the Ph.D. Program must write a report of his or her year's research and submit this for approval to an Examining Committee.

Degree Requirements

Course requirements are two full courses (12 credits) at the graduate level including two research evaluation half courses (CHEM 7020 3.0). In addition, students must conduct a research project at an advanced level and report the results in appropriate dissertation form. The research and dissertation should demonstrate the Candidate's independence, originality, and understanding of the area of investigation at an advanced level. After the formal submission of the dissertation, an oral examination, normally centred on the dissertation and matters related to it, is held. There are no language or cognate requirements for the Ph.D.