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Graduate Program in Chemistry

Facilities & Equipment

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The research is carried out in two air-conditioned laboratory buildings of modern design, the Petrie Science & Engineering Building and the Chemistry Building, which are linked on all levels. Both have extensive areas for research and are well equipped with support facilities.

Please note that the following is not an exhaustive list, and that equipment is continually upgraded.

Some of this instrumentation is shared by the research faculty. Other equipment includes modern laser and electrochemical facilities, flash photolysis, an atmospheric flame ionization mass spectrometer, a Selected Ion Flow Tube (SIFT)/ Flowing Afterglow Mass Spectrometer, specialized instrumentation for monitoring trace atmospheric constituents, smog chambers and two mobile laboratories for trace atmospheric constituents analysis. Computing facilities include dedicated desktop units (UNIX, PCs) and mainframe computers.

The Steacie Science Library subscribes to significant chemical and biochemical journals and holds extensive series of back issues.