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Graduate Program in Communication & Culture

Faculty Profiles

Daniel Drache

Politics and Policy

University   York University
E-Mail Address
Phone Number   (416) 736-5415
Office Location   York Research Tower, 633
Office Hours   TBA


B.A. (Toronto); M.A. (Queen's)


Daniel Drache is Director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and Professor of Political Science at York University. He has written widely on globalization and the limits of markets, trade blocs, employment, Harold Innis and economic integration. Presently he is heading up a major project on governance of the public domain after the triumph of markets. The Robarts Centre is engaged in a major interdisciplinary research project examining the transformation of the global sphere of interactive communication and its multiple dimensions and overlapping components with respect to social exclusion, public reason, identity and new citizenship practices.

Recently he has explored the impact of global cultural flows on the information commons and the new cultures of dissent and conformity post 9/11. These reports on the iconography of dissent and the transformation of public culture are on available on his webpage check it out.

His latest book published by Polity Press UK/US in June 2008 is entitled Defiant Publics: the Unprecedented Reach of the Global Citizen. In it he examines the decline of authority and the new dynamics of power that has empowered global publics to become in-your-face against-the-grain social actors in a post 9/11 world.

He has also published extensively on the transformation of NAFTA and North American integration after a decade of experience. His book Borders Matter: Homeland Security and the Search for North America Fernwood 2004 has been trasnlated into Spanish and French.

Research Interests

The political economy of integration and social exclusion; borders and identity; North American integration; global cultural commons and microactivism public goods theory and the theory of the public good; and the thought and influence of Harold Innis, Jurgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt.

Selected Publications

Defiant Publics: The Unprecedented Reach of the Global Citizen, Themes for the 21st Century, London: Polity Press, 2008). June 2008.
_____ and Marc Froese “Omens and Threats in the Doha Round: The Decline of Multilateralism?” in Man and Development (2008)
La Ilusión Continental: Seguridad fronteriza y la búsqueda de una identidad Norteamericana. With new introduction and material (Mexico City: Siglo XXI, 2007).
“North America at the Crossroads” in Daniel Drache ed. Big Picture Realities: Canada and Mexico at the Crossroads, Mexico: Porrua, 2008 (forthcoming, in Spanish)
_____and Marc Froese “The Global Cultural Economy: Power, Citizenship, and Dissent”, Anheier, H.K., Isar, Y.R., Paul, A. (eds.) (2008) The Cultural Economy (The Cultures and Globalization Series 2). London: SAGE Publications.
“Bon Anniversaire NAFTA: The Elusive and Asymmetrical Benefits of a Decade of North American Integration,” in Daniel Drache ed. Big Picture Realities: Canada and Mexico at the Crossroads, Mexico: Porrua, 2006 (forthcoming, 2007 in Spanish)
“I want to be me: Public reason and the Hardwired Citizen”, with Jaigris Phillips, Counterpublics Working Group, September 2007, www.robarts/
“Semiotic Disobedience: Shit Disturbers in an Image Overloaded Age” with Alex Samur, Counterpublics Working Group, September 2006,

The Market or the Public Domain: Global Governance and the Asymmetry of Power. Routledge, 2001.

Health Reform: Public Success, Private Failure.(Routledge 1999, with Terry Sullivan).

States Against Markets: The Limits of Globalization. (Routledge 1996, with Robert Boyer).

Staples Markets and Cultural Change. The Centenary Edition of Harold Innis' Essays. (Queen's McGill 1995).

"The Fundamentals of our Times: Goals and Values That are Inescapably Public", The Market or the Public Domain: Global Governance and the Asymmetry of Power, Daniel Drache ed. London: Routledge, 2001.

"Thinking Outside the Box: A Critical Canadian Perspective on NAFTA", in Arturo Borja. Judith y Mariscal, & Miguel A. Valverde eds. ¿Vecinos Convergentes? América del Norte hacia el Siglo XXI, Mexico: Colección de Ciencias Sociales, 2000.

Rethinking the Very Essence of Social Inclusion and Things Private, Robarts Centre, A Special Report, Robarts Centre, 2002,

The Information Commons or the Digital Divide? Taking Hold of the Future. Measuring Inclusion in Public Information and Space in NAFTA and MERCOSUR countries in the Hemisphere. (2002) Daniel Drache and Nirmala Singh, Working Paper, Robarts Centre, 2001,



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Harold [Innis] taught us how to use the bias of culture and communication as an instrument of research. By directing attention to the bias, or distorting power of the dominant imagery and technology of any culture, he showed us how to understand cultures.
~ Marshall McLuhan