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Graduate Program in Communication & Culture

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Barbara Evans

Technology in Practice

University   York University
E-Mail Address
Phone Number   (416) 736-2100, ext. 22167
Office Location   CFT 212
Office Hours   TBA


BA (British Columbia) Associate (MA equivalent) National Film and Television School (UK)


Barbara Evans has worked as a director, producer, writer, researcher and editor. She has worked in Britain for educational television, the BBC, ITV and the British Film Institute. She was a founding member of the London Women's Film Group and the British Newsreel Collective. In Canada she has worked as an editor for the National Film Board on such films as Wonderland, a documentary about land use in British Columbia, and Bitter Medicine, a film on the history of medicare, originally broadcast on CBC's Quarterly Report. She has also edited a number of independent documentaries as well as the feature films Latitude 55 and Walls and was editor of the Atlantis Films - National Film Board co-production, To Set Our House in Order.

Barbara Evans directed the National Film Board film, Prairie Women, a history of the farm women's movement on the Canadian Prairies. Prairie Women won the 1987 Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Film Festival for best documentary film over 30 minutes. In 1989, she completed In Her Chosen Field, a documentary on issues facing contemporary farm women, for Studio D of the National Film Board and the Federal Women's Film Programme. In Her Chosen Field has received numerous awards, including a Golden Sheaf Award, a Blue Ribbon at the American Film and Video Festival, a bronze Chris award at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival and a MediaWatch Television and Public Affairs Award for positive representation of women.

Barbara Evans has also produced Now That We Are Persons, a video celebrating the60th anniversary of the Persons' Case and Jessie's Albums, the story of a farm woman who documented her life through photographs in the early years of this century, as well as Rediscovering our Past - Recreating our Future, a documentary on the First International Minoan Celebration of Partnership. In 2001 Ms. Evans completed A Heaven on Earth, a feature-length documentary on the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. As well as documentary film projects, her current research is focused on the work of early women filmmakers in the British Documentary Film Movement.

Research Interests

Documentary, Film, Women, History, Politics

Selected Publications

"The Foreignness of the Intimate, Or the Violence and Charity of Perception" in Atom Egoyan and Ian Balfour, eds. Subtitles: On the Foreignness of Film. (Cambridge, MA and London: The MIT Press, 2004), pp. 439-487.

The Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition of Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and Charles Olson. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1998.

A Body of Vision: The Image of the Body in Recent Film and Poetry. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1997.
Image and Identity: Reflections on Canadian Film and Culture. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1989.
The Body in Film. Toronto : Art Gallery of Ontario, 1989.



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Harold [Innis] taught us how to use the bias of culture and communication as an instrument of research. By directing attention to the bias, or distorting power of the dominant imagery and technology of any culture, he showed us how to understand cultures.
~ Marshall McLuhan