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Graduate Program in Communication & Culture

Faculty Profiles

John Shields

Politics & Policy

University   Ryerson University
E-Mail Address
Phone Number   (416) 979-5000, ext. 6167
Office Location   JOR-720
Office Hours   TBA


B.A. (Windsor); MA (Windsor); Ph.D. Political Science (British Columbia)


Professor Shields joined the Department of Politics and School of Public Administration in September 1988, after teaching in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. His PhD in Political Science is from the University of British Columbia and was awarded in 1989. He holds the rank of Full Professor and teaches courses on Canadian politics and government, public administration and public policy, the politics of restructuring, labour-government relations, the political economy of communication and culture, and the political economy of the nonprofit and voluntary sector. He is also the Associate Director of the Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement - Toronto (CERIS).

Research Interests

Canadian political economy; labour market policy; immigrant economic integration; the welfare state; public sector restructuring; globalization, the political economy of the nonprofit sector, labour studies and industrial relations.

Selected Pulblications

Susan Silver, Sue Wilson and J.M. Shields, "Job Displacement and the Full-time Worker: Does Gender Matter?", Special Issue: Women's Labour Rights ... Benefiting Women, Canadian Women's Studies, Winter 2004-05.

Ted Richmond and John Shields, "NGO Restructuring: Constraints and Consequences", Canadian Review of Social Policy, No. 53, Spring/Summer, 2004, pp. 53-67.

. "No Safe Haven: Markets, Welfare and Migrants", Immigrants, Welfare Reform and the Poverty of Policy. Philip Kretsendemas and Ana Aparacio, eds. (New York: Praeger, April 2004), pp. 35-60.

Ted Richmond and John Shields, "Third Sector Restructuring and the New Contracting Regime: The Case of Immigrant Serving Agencies in Ontario", Policy Matters, No. 3 (Toronto: Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement - Toronto (CERIS), February 2004), pp. 7:

Allison Bottomley, Joy Constaedt, Monica MacDonald, Colin Mooers, Karen Poetker, John Shields, Etoile Stewart," New Workplace Commons: 401 Richmond - A Study of Innovative Support for Cultural and Social Enterprises in Both the Not-for Profit and For-Profit Sectors". Commissioned by the City of Toronto, Culture Division; Ontario Ministry of Culture; and Canadian Heritage, December 2003, 106 pages

B. Mitchell Evans and John Shields, “The Third Sector: Neo-liberal Restructuring, Governance and the Re-making of State-Civil Society Relationships”. In The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration. Christopher Dunn, ed. Oxford University Press, Toronto, 2002.

Restructuring and Resistance: Canadian Public Policy in the Age of Global Capitalism. Edited by Mike Burke, Colin Mooers and John Shields. Halifax, N.S.: Fernwood, 2000.

Andrew Molloy and John Shields, “Globalization, Unemployment and the Redistribution of Working Time: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives”. Power in a Global Era. Ed Cohn, Stephen McBride and John Wiseman, eds., Macmillan & St. Martins Press, London & New York, 2000.

Shrinking the State: Globalization and Public Administration "Reform". By John Shields and B. Mitchell Evans. Halifax, N.S.: Fernwood, 1998

Dismantling a Nation : The Transition to Corporate Rule in Canada, 2nd edition. By Stephen McBride and John Shields. Halifax, N.S.: Fernwood, 1997

John Shields, “Flexible Work, Labour Market Polarization, and the Politics of Skills Training and Enhancement” in T. Dunk, S. McBride and R. Nelsen (eds.), The Training Trap: Ideology, Training and the Labour Market, Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, 1996.

John Shields and Bob Russell, “The Welfare State and the New Labour Market Relations: The Case of Part-Time Workers” in Andrew F. Johnson, Stephen McBride and Patrick J. Smith (eds.), Continuities and Discontinuities: The Political Economy of Social Welfare and Labour Market Policy in Canada, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1994.

John Shields and Harley D. Dickinson, “Health For Sale: The Political Economy of Occupational Health and Safety” in B. Singh Bolaria and Harley D. Dickinson (eds.), Health, Illness, and Health Care in Canada, Harcourt Brace and Company Ltd., Toronto, 1994.

John Shields, “The Capitalist State and Farm Labour Policy” in David Hay and Gurcharn S.Basran (eds.), Rural Sociology in Canada, Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1992.

Regulating Labour: The State, Neo- Conservatism and Industrial Relations. Edited by Larry Haiven, Stephen McBride and John Shields Toronto: Garamond Press, 1991



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Harold [Innis] taught us how to use the bias of culture and communication as an instrument of research. By directing attention to the bias, or distorting power of the dominant imagery and technology of any culture, he showed us how to understand cultures.
~ Marshall McLuhan