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YORK Faculty

Patrick Alcedo

Assistant Professor, BA (University of the Philippines), PhD (University of California Riverside)
Ethnography, cultural heritage, tourism, transnationalism, nationalism, gender studies, reconstruction, Philippine "folk" dance
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Modesto Mawulolo Amegago
Assistant Professor, MFA, PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Ethnology, cultural context of African music and dance, cross-cultural aesthetics
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Carol Anderson
Associate Professor, BFA, MA (York University)
Choreography, dance writing and biography, Canadian dance history, contemporary dance technique and performance
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Anna Blewchamp
Associate Professor, MA (York University)
Choreography and performance studies, dance history, dance ethnology, cultural memory, contemporary dance techniques
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Darcey Callison
Associate Professor, MA (Simon Fraser University), PhD (York University)
Choreography, contemporary dance technique, dance dramaturgy, communication and culture, gender studies (masculinity)
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Penelope Reed Doob
Professor, BA (Harvard University) MA, PhD (Stanford University)
Canadian dance history, criticism, medieval dance, creativity studies, gender issues in dance, dance and related arts, dance writing and biography
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Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt
Associate Professor, BA, MFA (York University), EdD (Temple University)
Dance and technology (pedagogical and philosophical issues pertaining to arts education), Canadian dance history, nineteenth and twentieth century ballet technique
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Mary Fogarty
Assistant Professor, BA Hons (UWO), MA (Brock), PhD (University of Edinburgh)
Popular dance studies, popular music and youth culture, dance education curriculum, improvisation, breaking (b-boying/b-girling), dance on screen.
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Mary-Elizabeth Manley
Associate Professor, BA (University of Western Ontario), MA (University of Southern California)
Dance education and pedagogy (youth), dance choreography and performance (youth), dance and community arts practice, dance and technology
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Selma Odom
Professor, BA (Wellesley College), MA (Tufts University), PhD (University of Surrey)
Canadian dance history, dance writing, dance and music, women’s studies
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Danielle Robinson
Assistant Professor, BS (Vanderbilt University), MA (Northwestern University), PhD (University of California Riverside)
American dance history, social dance reconstruction, dance in the African diaspora, Brazilian dance, cross-cultural research, cultural studies
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Don Sinclair
BA Mathematics (York), BA Computer Science and Music (York), MA Interdisciplinary Studies (York) Associate Professor: Digital Media, York University.
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Holly Small
Professor and Graduate Program Director (MFA), BFA (York University), MA (University of California Los Angeles)
Choreography, performance, dance and music, dance and interactive technologies, dance dramaturgy, contemporary dance technique
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Mary Jane Warner
Professor and Graduate Program Director (MA and PhD), BA (University of Toronto), MA, PhD (Ohio State University)
Canadian dance history, dance reconstruction, Laban movement analysis and notation, dance education, multimedia development
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Claire Wootten
Associate Professor, MA (York University)
Feminist and critical pedagogies in dance education, mentoring, dance feminism
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Adjunct Faculty

Miriam Adams

Canadian dance history, archives and preservation, dance publishing

Megan Andrews
BFA, MA (York University), CMA (Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies)
Dance writing and publishing, Laban Movement Analysis, arts management, communication and cultural studies, dance technique, improvisation and performance

Suzanne Jaeger
BA, MA (University of Saskatchewan), PhD (York University)
Philosophy, aesthetics, dance theory and criticism

Stephen Johnson
BA (University of Guelph), PhD (New York University)
Dramatic literature, American and Canadian theatre history

Brian Quirt
BA, MA (University of Toronto)
Artistic directing, dramaturgy

Rhonda Ryman
BA, MA (York University)
Dance notation and reconstruction, computer applications for choreography

Anton Wagner
BA (York University), MA, PhD (University of Toronto)
Canadian theatre and criticism, film production