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Graduate Program in Mathematics & Statistics

Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education - Degree Concurrent in Mathematics & Statistics

Admission Requirements

Registration for the graduate diploma occurs after the candidate has been admitted to the Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers.  Applications are assessed on the basis of a statement of interest together with the information contained within the file as a whole.  Consideration is given to the combined profile of demonstrated academic standing, background and experience, including professional background and experience, and potential to pursue and benefit from graduate studies. In addition, students should have a strong interest in mathematics education as a component of their plan of study. Successful completion of at least 12 university level credits in mathematics is strongly recommended as preparation for some of the courses offered within the program; however, the graduate diploma may be satisfied by taking other listed courses.

Diploma Requirements

All students must successfully complete:

  1. 12 credits (3 of which are in addition to their degree requirements) as follows:

  2. six core credits:

    • either MATH 5840 3.0 (EDUC 5840 3.0): Mathematics Learning Environments OR MATH 5900 3.0 (EDUC 5841 3.0): Thinking about Teaching Mathematics, and

    • either MATH 5910 3.0 (EDUC 5210 3.0): Quantitative Research Methods in Education OR EDUC 5200 3.0: Qualitative research Methods in education.

    An additional 6 credits from the approved course list (see below). Note: Students registered in the M.A. Program in Mathematics for Teachers should enrol in courses with Mathematics course numbers where possible.

  3. A survey paper, on a mathematics education topic as outlined below:

    All diploma students in the MA Program in Mathematics for Teachers must write a survey paper, supervised by a member of the MA program in Mathematics for teachers on a topic in mathematics education, as approved by the Diploma Coordinator in the MA Program in Mathematics for Teachers.

Approved Course List:

MATH 5020 6.0 (EDUC 5830 3.0): Fundamentals of Mathematics for teachers;
MATH 5100 6.0 (EDUC 5831 6.0): Mathematical literature seminar for teachers;
MATH 5400 6.0 (EDUC 5833 6.0): History of Mathematics for teachers;
MATH 5410 6.0 (EDUC 5834 6.0): Analysis for teachers
MATH 5420 6.0 (EDUC 5836 6.0): Algebra for teachers
MATH 5200 6.0 (EDUC 5835 6.0): Problem solving;
MATH 5300 6.0 (EDUC 5839 6.0): Computation in Mathematics for teachers;
MATH 5430 6.0 (EDUC 5838 6.0): Statistics and probability for teachers;
MATH 5450 6.0 (EDUC 5837 6.0): Geometry for teachers;
MATH 5500 6.0 (EDUC 5832 6.0): Topics in Mathematics for teachers;

MATH 5840 3.0 (EDUC 5840 3.0): Mathematics learning environments ;
MATH 5900 3.0 (EDUC 5841 3.0): Thinking about teaching Mathematics;
EDUC 5215 3.0: Research in Mathematics education;
EDUC 5845 3.0: Mathematics and science understanding in early childhood;
MATH 5848 3.0 (EDUC 5848 3.0): Technology and Mathematics education
EDUC 5900 3.0: Directed reading (related to mathematics education);
EDUC 5860 3.0: Issues in digital technology in education.

Please also see Senate Guidelines for Graduate Diplomas: