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Graduate Program in Mathematics & Statistics

MSc in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

Admission Requirements

An honours degree in Mathematics (or equivalent background) with a minimum B standing may qualify the student for admission as a candidate to the Program leading to the M.Sc. degree in Applied and Industrial Mathematics. Applicants without the appropriate breadth in Mathematics, but who have good standing, may be admitted on condition they take additional graduate and/or undergraduate courses. Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations regarding standing (see Grading System under Faculty Regulations) apply to these additional courses. Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate an acceptable command of English (at least 213 in the TOEFL or 85 in the MELAB)


Degree Requirements

Students must complete:

Students must complete:
Advanced Numerical Methods (Math 6651 3.0), Mathematical Modeling ( Math 6931 3.0), Practicum in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Math 6937 3.0), another three credit course appropriate to the student’s Program of study approved by the student’s supervisory committee, and a thesis (see below) which must be defended before an examining committee in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

NOTE:  Thesis proposals must be forwarded for approval to the Dean of Graduate Studies not less than three months prior to the date set for the oral examination of the completed thesis.   Thesis Proposal forms are available in N519 Ross.  The Guidelines for the Preparation and Examination of Thesis and Dissertation are available at:

Graduate students doing Theses, in which research involving human participants occurs shall familiarize themselves with York University's policies about the use of human participants and with the SSHRC/NSERC/MRC Tri‑Council Policy Statement "Ethical Conduct for Research involving Humans" (August, 1998).  This can be found on the web at:

All Thesis proposals must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Form available at:

The Graduate Program Director will recommend the membership of the Examining Committee to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  This recommendation must be accompanied by documentation as listed in the “Guidelines for the Preparation and Examination of Theses and Dissertations’‘, must reach the Faculty of Graduate Studies Office not less than three weeks before the date set for the oral.  This deadline is strictly enforced by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

At the final defense, the student will give an oral presentation to the Program (20 minutes presentation and 1½ hours question & answer period), and defend it before an examining committee.  In addition to Faculty regulations regarding thesis examination, the thesis candidate gives two talks in a student Colloquium, one outlining work in progress and one presenting the final results.  This is done pior to the formal defense.

It is the responsibility of the student/supervisor to ensure that all degree requirements are met.