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Graduate Program in Political Science

GPSSA - Graduate Political Science Students' Association

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The GPSSA is the democratic body that represents the concerns of graduate students in the Department. We elect representatives every September to serve on various committees in the Department and elsewhere in the York Community, such as the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and CUPE 3903, which bargains collectively on behalf of graduate and teaching assistants.

The GPSSA holds regular meetings to connect the various representatives and to provide a forum for raising the concerns that you may have as a graduate student, including academic and work-related issues. In these meetings, we also seek to find solutions to our common problems. This year a number of critical issues and challenges need to be addressed both within our Department and graduate studies as a whole, including: collective bargaining for a new contract for teaching and research assistants; the hierarchical restructuring of graduate studies and budget cuts; the lack of full TAships for all PhD students; improving graduate student supervision; growing our graduate run journal, Problematique; building greater community among students in a large department; and promoting greater public exposure for our members and their research through the new GPSSA website.

The GPSSA is also very active in organizing social events for faculty, staff and students. One of the most exciting aspects of graduate life is building lifelong relationships with fellow students and future colleagues. Aside from officially sponsored GPSSA socials, students in our department also convene reading groups, involve themselves in political activism, and also promote a diverse array of artistic, athletic, and social events outside of the department.

The GPSSA is also proud to be affiliated with the Trans Border Feminist Collective, a vibrant collective of women-, trans-, and gender queer- identified graduate students that is meant to provide a support network, and to articulate and represent collective concerns in the York Political Science Department. The Trans Border Feminist Collective also organises social events and academic panels in the University. All women-, gender queer- and trans-identified graduate students are automatically members of the Collective and we encourage you to attend the various meetings, socials, and activities that will be held throughout the year.