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Graduate Program in Political Science

MA Major Research Paper - 2011

| 2011 | 2010 |


Juzepczuk, Michael
Zeros in Civilization.

Supervised by: Terry Maley

Lau, Mariann
The Bric as Caucus:  Rising Powers Cooperation in Global Governance.

Supervised by: Gregory Chin

Mamikon, Ani
Re-configuring the Logic of State Power: Understanding the ‘Contract State’ in the Post-9/11 World.
Supervised by: Robert Latham
Murawski , Anna
Refusing to Pay for Fairness: How Neoliberal Restructuring Undermined Pay Equity in Ontario
Supervised by: Ann Porter
Naylor, Adrian
Gendered Labour in the Global City: Work and Resistance in a Totonto Hotel.
Supervised by: Isa Bakker
O'Hara, Daniel
Making of the Division of Labour:  Harry Braverman Against ‘Monopoly Capital’.
Supervised by: David McNally
Ritchie, Caitlin
Canada’s Aboriginal People’s and Canada’s Courts: A Recipe for Significant Social Reform?
Supervised by: Jacqueline Krikorian
Shoikehbrod, Igor
Civil Society and the Democratic Battleground: A Critical Survey of Hegel, Marx and Gramsci.
Supervisd by: Terry Maley
Stewart, Rich
The Canadian Peacekeeping Myth in the Reproduction of a Gendered Global Order: A Critical Feminist Interpretation of the Canadian Peacekeeping Experience.
Supervised by: David Mutimer
Tajvidi, Shaghayegh
Reappropriating the Politics of “Politics” of Political Islam?.
Supervised by: Shannon Bell
Tharani, Alisha
NGO-ization as Gendered Neoliberal Governmance.
Supervised by: Terry Maley
Turney, Jayme
Harpocracy: How Harper is Undermining Democracy in Canada.
Supervised by: Jacqueline Krikorian
Von Bargen, Julian
Wikileaks, Transparency and the Challenge to the Security Sector: How Julian Assange is taking his War on Conspiracy to the heart of the beast.
Supervised by: Robert Latham
Webb, Iain
Age of Alienation.
Supervised by: Terry Maley