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Graduate Program in Political Science

Doctoral Defenses

| 2012 | 2011 | 2010 |

Doctoral Defenses in 2011

Allawala, Ahmed
Civic Metropolitan Regionalism: The Politics of Competitive Multiculturalism in Toronto
Supervised by: Roger Keil, Ann Porter, John Shields
Ayelazuno, Jasper
Neo-Liberalism and Resistance in Ghana: Understanding the Political Agency of the Subalternsin Social-Historical Context
Supervised by: Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, David McNally, Obiora Okafor
Dumont, Joshua
Pension Reform & the Labor Movement in France, 1993-2003
Supervised by: Stephen Hellman, Marc Lesage, Ann Porter
Finn, Melissa 
Al-Qaeda and the Sacrificial Subject: Martyrdom Operations for War and Politics
Supervised by: Elizabeth Dauphinee, David Mutimer, Shannon Bell
Foley, Paul
The Commodification of Global Governance? Fisheries Certification in the Era of Market Civilization 
Supervised by: Stephen Gill, Robert Latham and Derek Hall
Guidotto, Nadia
The XY White Man’s Burden or Re/Building the Gender Empire: The Medical and Legal regulation of Intersex
Supervised by: Anna Agathangelou, Shannon Bell, Bobby Noble
Kim, Jongchul 
Identity, Money, and Trust: The Origin, Politics, and Ontology of Early-Modern Paper Money in England the 17th - Early 19th Century 
Supervised by: Jonathan Nitzan, Ted Winslow, John Smithin
LeBaron, Genevieve
Neoliberalism and the Governance of Free Labor: A Feminist Political Economy Account
Supervised by: David McNally, Isabella Bakker, Laam Hae
MacDonald, Ian
Labour and the City: Trade Union Strategy and the Reproduction of Neoliberal Urbanism in Toronto and New York 
Supervised by: Gregory Albo, Leo Panitch, Stefan Kipfer
Mathur, Ritu
The International Committee of the Red Cross and Humanitarian Practices of Arms Control and Disarmament 
Supervised by: David Mutimer, Elizabeth Dauphinee, Shannon Bell
Ross, Daniel
The Political Economy of Free and Open Source Software
Supervised by: George Comninel, David McNally, Rodney Loeppky
Sharzer, Greg
The Political Economy of Localism
Supervised by David McNally, Gregory Albo, Steven Tufts
Taucar, Christopher 
Assessing Judicial Decisions on Judicial Independence: the Canadian System of Government and Framework for Judicial Review
Supervised by: Ian Greene, Carl Baar, Bruce Ryder