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Name of site: Vanier Centre for Women & Maplehurst Correctional Complex

Supervisor or Contact Person: Dr. Judith Levy-Ajzenkopf

Email: Phone:  905-876-8300 ext 8335

655 Martin St.
Milton ON
L9T 5E6

Type of Practicum offered: Child ____ Adult __X__ Both ____

Assessment ____ Intervention ____ Both __X__

General Information (i.e. description of the site, clients seen, services offered, is it TTC accessible? etc.)
Our mission is to promote positive lifestyles by building on offender strengths and developing life skills. We employ a best practices approach grounded in scientifically valid and compassionate treatment.

The facilities are located in Milton, west of Toronto, just south of highway 401 at the highway 25 exit. There is Go Train service to Milton.

There are two adult provincial correctional facilities at this site:  one for women and one for men.  Students have the opportunity to work with both male and female offenders as the psychology department services both institutions.

Supervision (i.e. Is there more than one potential supervisor? group and/or individual? How often? etc.)
There are 3 registered psychologists at this site with whom the student could work. Students would be expected to engage in individual assessment and counseling services as well as co-lead a group program with a psychology staff member. Psychology programs are based on the CBT, relapse prevention, and motivational interviewing approaches to dysfunctional behaviours.
Each practicum is tailored to the learning goals of the student.

Training/research opportunities
Training is offered in the CBT model as well as psychometric assessment. In both facilities, assessment and treatment focus on relapse prevention for offending and related mental health issues and/or addictions. Students will receive training in the following areas through the Psychology Department:
Assessment (training includes clinical interviewing, administration and scoring of psychometric tests, consultation with staff, diagnostic formulations, and integrated report writing).
Individual Therapy (training in client centred DBT/CBT based therapy)
Group Therapy Programs (training in leading DBT/CBT based groups for addictions, criminal offending emotion management, etc.).

Practicum Application Deadline:
February 3, 2014

Application procedure (i.e. documents needed, number of references, etc.)

Full time and part time practicum placements available

Applications are to include:

1 page statement of training goals and objectives
Up to date curriculum vitae
Two References

Please Direct Applications to:
Judith Levy-Ajzenkopf, Ph.D., C. Psych.
Chief Psychologist
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Milton Street
Milton, Ontario; L9T 5E6
Phone: 905-876-8300 ext 8335

The attached brochure outlines the application process.

Recent Students:

  • Susan Sergeant (2010-2011)

Additional Site Information:
Vanier Centre For Women
Type of Institution: Provincial Correctional Facility opened in 2003
Security Level: Medium to Maximum Security
Offender Population:
- Women offenders from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
-various mental health and substance abuse issues
Offences: ~2% violent offences and the rest are property and administrative offences
Capacity: 333 offenders at any given time

Maplehurst Correctional Complex
Type of Institution: Provincial Correctional Facility originally opened in 1975, "mega jail" in 2001
Security Level: Medium to Maximum Security
Offender Population
- Male offenders from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
-various mental health and substance abuse issues
Offences: Broad spectrum of against property and person offences
Capacity: 1100 offenders at any given time

Last Updated: December 2013