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Practicum and Internship Opportunities

One of the strengths of being trained in the clinical neuropsychology stream is that students take a linked set of courses that better prepare them to offer neuropsychological services. This requirement also makes our students better able to compete for the coveted practicum and internship sites that are in short supply. Below is a list of practicum and internship sites our students in the neuropsychological stream have obtained. 

Sites within the Greater Toronto Area Providing Training in Clinical Neuropsychology: 

  1. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
  2. Sunnybrook Hospital, Neuropsychology rotation
  3. Toronto Western Hospital, Neuropsychology rotation
  4. St . Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton, Neuropsychology rotation
  5. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  6. The Children's Treatment Network of Simcoe York
  7. The Hospital for Sick Children
  8. The Tourette's Syndome Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital