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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Council Meeting - June 5, 2008

For information, members of Council may write to the Chair of Council, Jonathan Edmondson , or the Secretary of Council, Associate Dean Asia Ivic Weiss , or write or call the Assistant Secretary of Council, M. Michael Schiff[(416) 736-5481]. The Council office is located in the FGS suite within 283 York Lanes.

Agenda: June 5, 2008

Meeting of Council

Thursday, June 5, 2008
4:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks 
Report to Faculty of Arts Executive Committee re Realigning Graduate Education at York

2. Citation for Faculty of Graduate Studies' Teaching Award
Recipients in 2007-2008: Professors Daniel Simeoni, Graduate Program in Translation (posthumous); and Liora Salter, Graduate Programs in Communication & Culture and Law
Professor Simeoni's award will be presented at this meeting; the award for Professor Salter will be presented on October 2, 2008.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (May 1, 2008)

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

5. Summer Authority
Motion: "that all items that need Council approval be delegated to the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee until the first meeting of Council in the next academic year."

6. Dean's Remarks

7. Report of the Nominating Committee

8. New Graduate Program

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Proposed Graduate Program in Finance including Appendices 1-2 | Appendices 3-6
Approved at the May 21, 2008, meeting of the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

9. Changes in Faculty Regulations

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Changes to Admissions Requirements for master's degree candidates
Approved at the October 10, 2006, meeting of FGS Admissions Committee, the November 29, 2006, meeting o f FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee and the December 7, 2006, meeting of Faculty Council; referred back by Senate; approved by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee May 21, 2008

Honours degree equivalents delineated and new European degrees considered
Supplemental information

10. New Degree

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Program in Kinesiology & Health Science
Approved April 7, 2008, by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee; approved at the May 21, 2008, by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

Master of Fitness Science degree
Designation of Master of Fitness Science for students in this specialization

11. Changes in Degree Requirements

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Program in Humanities

Change in language requirement
Addition of requirement that students demonstrate reading ability in one language other than English relevant to their research

Change in dissertation requirement
Removal of dissertation advisory committee approval

12. Change to Admissions Requirements

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Program in Translation
Approved May 23, 2007, by the FGS Admissions Committee and May 21, 2008, by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

Change to allow other combinations of languages in addition to French/English

13. Curricular Changes
Approved May 14, 2008, by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee, received for information by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee on May 21, 2008

Members of Council may, if they wish, view these documents in the FGS Council office, 283 York Lanes, by calling M. Michael Schiff, Assistant Secretary of Council, extension 22264.

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

a) Graduate Program in Biology
Change in Course Title
Biology 5096 3.0: from "Polluters, Invaders and Global Change" to "Biology in Environmental Management"

b) Proposed Graduate Program in Finance
New Course Proposals
Finance 5100 3.0: "Capital Markets"
Finance 5200 3.0: "Financial Management and Valuation"
Finance 5300 3.0: "Investment Banking"
Finance 5400 3.0: "Fixed Income Securities"
Finance 5500 3.0: "Analysis of Structured Products Using Excel"

c) Graduate Program in History
History 6100 6.0: "Women, Genders and Sexualities: Themes and Approaches"/Same as Women's Studies 6140 6.0

d) Graduate Program in Humanities
Humanities 6127 3.0: "Honouring the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean"/Same as History 5037 3.0

e) Graduate Program in Philosophy
New, Integrated Course Proposal [topics course]
Philosophy 5500 3.0: "Topics in Feminist Philosophy: The Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts Philosophy 4500 3.0

New Course Proposal
Philosophy 6030 3.0: "Metaphysics"

f) Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy
Change in Course Title
Physics & Astronomy 5062 3.0: "Atom Trapping Laboratory"

g) Graduate Program in Women's Studies
Women's Studies 6125 3.0: "Sex, Race and Caribbean Hybridities"/Same as English 6571 3.0

14. Senate Synopsis

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

Summary of Senate meeting of April 24, 2008

15. Other Business

Next scheduled Council meeting: October 2, 2008


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