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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies
FGS Council

For information, members of Council may write to the Chair of Council, Lorna Wright, or the Secretary of Council, Associate Dean Asia Ivic Weiss , or write or call the Assistant Secretary of Council, M. Michael Schiff [(416) 736-5481]. The Council office is located in the FGS suite within 283 York Lanes.


Agenda: Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please note Council's new meeting time: 3:00 p.m.

Additionally, please note that it has been requested that those attending Council meetings not wear fragranced products.

Meeting of Council

Agenda [Print]
Thursday, May 7, 2009
3:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 5, 2009)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

4. Dean's Remarks

5. Changes to the "Structure, Rules and Procedures of the Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies"
Approved at the April 22, 2009, meetings of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Changes to Voting Membership of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee
Motion: That the Chair and Vice-Chair of Academic Planning & Policy Committee be made full voting members of Academic Planning & Policy Committee and their presence in the meeting count towards quorum. The Chair (or Vice-Chair in the absence of the chair) will only vote on motions in the case of a tie vote.
Rationale: The current structure of Academic Planning & Policy Committee does not allow the Chair or the Vice-Chair to vote, to propose motions, or their presence to count towards quorum. Given the small number of voting members this can make it difficult to obtain and maintain quorum.

6. Report of the Nominating Committee

7. Curricular Changes
Approved and reported to FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee April 1, 2009, for information, and received for information by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee at the April 22, 2009, meeting

Members of Council may, if they wish, arrange to view these documents in the FGS Council office, 283 York Lanes, by calling M. Michael Schiff, Assistant Secretary of Council.

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

a) Graduate Program in Business Administration

New Course Proposals
Finance 5600 3.0: "Institutional Wealth Management"
Finance 5700 1.5: "Corporate Governance and Securities Law"
Finance 5800 3.0: "Financial Risk Management"
Organizations 7050 3.0: "Meso Organizational Behaviour"
Property 6700 3.0: "Asset Securitisation"
Strategic Management 6250 3.0: "Strategy Execution"

Change in Course Title
Organization Studies 7010 3.0: from "Individual and Group Behaviour in Organizations" to "Individual Behaviour In Organizations"

b) Graduate Program in Communication & Culture

New Course Proposals
Communication & Culture 6135 3.0: "Selected Topics in Media and Culture"
Communication & Culture 6335 3.0: "Selected Topics in Politics and Policy"
Communication & Culture 6535 3.0: "Selected Topics in Technology in Practice"

c) Graduate Program in Development Studies

New Course Proposal
Development Studies 5123 3.0: "Forced Migration and Refugee Issues"

d) Graduate Program in Disaster & Emergency Management

Change in Course Title
Disaster & Emergency Management 5140 3.0: from "Contemporary Issues in Disaster Studies/Management" to "Natural Disasters"

e) Graduate Program in Education

New Course Proposal
Education 5216 3.0: "Mixed-Methods Research in Education"

f) Graduate Program in Executive Master's in Business Administration

New Course Proposal
Executive Master's in Business Administration 6870 2.0: "Strategic Issues in Commodity Industries"

g) Graduate Program in Geography

Change in Course Description
Geography 5370 3.0: "Urban Social Policy"

h) Graduate Program in History

New Course Proposals
History 5180 3.0 and 6.0: "Canadian-United States Borderlands"
History 5350 3.0: "Environmental History of Preindustrial Europe circa 500 to 1750 CE"
History 5770 3.0: "Linguistic History
History 5900 3.0 and 6.0: "Themes in Post-Emancipation Caribbean History" [adds half course to existing full course, which remains]

i) Graduate Program in Humanities

New Course Proposals
Humanities 6141 3.0: "Age of Passions"
Humanities 6222 3.0: "Jews, Language and Society"
Humanities 6223 3.0: "Israeli Culture and Identity: Between History and Memory"

Humanities 6318 3.0: "Science and Print Cultures"/Same as Science & Technology Studies 6301 3.0

j) Graduate Program in Law

New, Integrated Course Proposal
Law 6630.30: "Feminist Legal Theory"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Law 5180 3.0/Same as Women's Studies 6702 3.0

New Course Proposals
Law 6480 3.0 to 6.0: from "New Developments in Real Estate Law and Practice" to "Current Issues in Real Estate Transactions" [includes change in course weight and title]
Law 6764 6.0 to 3.0: "The New Administrative Law" [includes change in course weight]
Law 6780 3.0: "Wrongful Convictions"

Changes in Integrated Course Title and Description
Law 6146 3.0: "Law, Labour Relations and the State: Employment and Labour Policy" to "Labour and Employment Law and Policy Colloquium"/Integrated with Law 5550 3.0

k) Graduate Program in Mathematics & Statistics

New Course Proposals
Mathematics & Statistics 5350 3.0: "An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling: Discrete-Time and Probability"
Mathematics & Statistics 5360 3.0: "An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling: Continuous-Time and Probability"

Deletion of Integration, changes to prerequisites
Mathematics & Statistics 6640 3.0: "Biostatistics"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts/Atkinson/Science Mathematics 4134 3.0/Prerequisites: York undergraduate course Arts/Atkinson/Science Mathematics 3034 3.0 and Arts/Atkinson/Science Mathematics 3131 3.0 or equivalents, or permission of the instructor/Note: SAS and Splus computing environments are used to facilitate coursework

l) Graduate Program in Political Science

New Course Proposal
Political Science 6485 3.0: "Contemporary Social Transformations: Knowledge, Political Economy and Agency"

Change in Course Description
Political Science 6075 6.0: "The Ethical and the Political in Levinas and Derrida" to ""The Ethical and the Political in Levinas"/Same as Philosophy 6450 6.0 and Social & Political Thought 6701 6.0

m) Graduate Program in Science & Technology Studies

Science & Technology Studies 6105 3.0: "Advanced History and Theory of Psychology: History and Psychological Practice"/Same as Psychology 6060B 3.0/Prerequisites: Psychology 6020 3.0 or 6030 3.0
Science & Technology Studies 6204 3.0: "Trusting Machines"/Same as Humanities 6317 3.0

n) Graduate Program in Social & Political Thought

Social & Political Thought 6135 3.0: "Black Revolutionary Thought"/Same as Political Science 6711 3.0
Social & Political Thought 6652 3.0: "Asian Religions, Twentieth Century Literature: Sadhana"/Same as English 6551 3.0

o) Graduate Program in Theatre Studies

New Course Proposal
Theatre Studies 6350C 6.0: "Summer Institute: African Theatre and Society"

Theatre Studies 5245 3.0: "Drama and Arts Education"/Same as Education 5245 3.0
Theatre Studies 6510 3.0: "British Women's Drama in English 1880 to 1920"/Same as Education 6510 3.0 and Women's Studies 6212 3.0

p) Graduate Program in Women's Studies

New Crosslisted, Course Proposal
Women's Studies 6208 3.0: "Women's Philosophies of Sex"/Same as Philosophy 6205 3.0

New Course Proposals
Women's Studies 6209 3.0: "Feminist Readings of the War on Terror in Historical and Theoretical Perspective"
Women's Studies 6214 3.0: "Maternal Theory"

Women's Studies 6210 3.0: "Girlhood"/Same as English 6988 3.0
Women's Studies 6215 3.0: "Black Women's Writing in the African Diaspora"/Same as Humanities 6129 3.0
Women's Studies 6218 3.0: "Public Space and Political Culture"/Same as Sociology 6795 3.0

8. Senate Synopses

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

Summaries of Senate meeting of February 26, March 26 and April 23, 2009

9. Other Business

Next meeting of Council: June 4, 2009