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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies
FGS Council

For information, members of Council may write to the Chair of Council, Asia Weiss, or the Secretary of Council, Associate Dean Gary Jarvis, or write or call the Assistant Secretary of Council, M. Michael Schiff [(416) 736-5481]. The Council office is located in the FGS suite within 283 York Lanes.

Minutes: December 8, 2005

Meeting of Council

Thursday, December 8, 2005
4:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building (Senate Chamber)

Present: C. Archer, J. Breen, D. Brock, J. Carlson, C. Carpenko, M. Chashnidel, J. Codd (Research & Policy Analyst), W. Cragg, D. Dimick, J. Dwyer, N.S. Fisher-Stitt (Associate Dean), R. Fournier, C. Fung, J. Gambarotto-McKay (Academic Affairs Officer), I. Greene, C. Haig-Brown, R. Haigh, D. Hay, D. Henriques, S. Horowitz, E. Igobwa, G. Jarvis (Associate Dean and Secretary of Council), R. Lenton, B. Lightman, K. Mason, T. Medcof, S. Miranda, R. Pearlman (Interim Dean), F.B. Pilkington, E. Prisman, B. Roe, A. Rogalski, D. Scadding, M.M. Schiff (Assistant Secretary of Council), J. Shore, K. Simpson, Y. Singer, B. Spotton Visano, C. Sukhram, W. van Wijngaarden, H.Q. Wen, E. White, Y. Wu

Regrets: S. Afriat, L. Baker, E. Batdorf, J. Campanelli, W. Crichlow, B. Crow, L. Fabian, S. Horowitz, A. Hudson, E. Lee-Ruff, V. Lindstrom, M. Luxton, K. McRoberts, D. Mendelsohn, R.W. Nicholls, L. Packer, N. Razack, M. Rioux, R. Schuller, N. Spunt, P. Taylor, N. Tenhaaf, G. Wu

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

Chair Asia Weiss welcomed members of Council.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (November 3, 2005)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising from the minutes.

4. Dean's Remarks

i) Funding

Interim Dean Ron Pearlman reported to Council that at this time there are no further details about expected funding opportunities from the province to support projected enrolment growth. York is continuing to plan for such growth.

ii) Enrolment

Dean Pearlman informed Council that enrolment meetings were continuing.

iii) Appraisals

The Dean announced that the Graduate Programmes in Economics, Chemistry and Geography, had been appraised as being of good quality and approved to continue.

iv) Awards

Dean Pearlman informed Council about several recent honours and awards granted to the Faculty's graduate students and graduates.

Jennifer Lefort, Graduate Programme in Visual Arts, is the recipient of the $25,000 Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award, a national award, one of the richest annual visual arts prizes in Canada, open to painting students who are enrolled in Master of Fine Arts degree programmes, or who completed the programme in 2005. Ms Lefort will have the opportunity to spend a year in Europe furthering educational goals through travel and study.

Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Graduate Programme in Communication & Culture, has been named a 2005 Canada-United States Fulbright Fellow, a high honour. Mr. Rhodes studied film at the State University of New York at Buffalo before recently beginning doctoral studies at York.

Professor Denise Henriques, Graduate Programmes in Kinesiology & Health Science and Psychology, a member of Council in attendance at this meeting, was congratulated for winning the 2006 Polanyi Prize, which is awarded by the government of Ontario to recognize the province's brightest young researchers. Professor Henriques, one of four recipients, was awarded the prize for physiology or medicine. She obtained her Ph.D. from York's Graduate Programme in Psychology in 2002, after completing an Osgoode Hall Law School LL.B. in 2001, and subsequently undertook post-doctoral work at both the University of Western Ontario and the University of Minnesota before returning to York. Dean Pearlman noted that this award reinforces York's prominence in the field, and coincides with the approval of the new Faculty of Health. Professor Henriques will also be a member of that Faculty.

Four York University professors have been awarded funding from the new Ontario government's Early Researcher Award program. Professors John Eastwood, Kerry Kawakami, Scott Kelly and Leah Vosko will each receive up to $100,000 from the Ontario government. These awards will provide funding for research support personnel, mostly graduate students.

v) Holidays

Dean Pearlman expressed best wishes to members of Council for the holidays.

vi) Announcement

The Dean congratulated Josephine Campanelli, FGS' Student Affairs Officer and member of Council, on the occasion of her upcoming wedding.

Professor William van Wijngaarden asked the Dean how the new Faculty of Health will impact the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Dean Pearlman replied that the Faculty of Health will have a relation to FGS similar to other Faculties, in that some new graduate programmes may be proposed and some existing graduate programmes will have their home there.

5. Proposed New Graduate Programme
Approved at the November 16, 2005, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Administration & Law (M.P.P.A.L.)

Professor Ian Greene, Coordinator of the Graduate Diplomas in Democratic and Justice System Administration, and proponent of this proposal, introduced the item for Council. The programme will be meeting a high demand, well-documented in supporting materials. Chair Asia Weiss added that FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee found the proposal to be very strong and well-prepared. David Dimick, Associate Dean, Schulich School of Business, asked about supporting letters. Professor Greene noted that some letters were distributed at the meeting, and informed Council that the list of documents will be corrected. Corrections to the list of faculty members have been made, he stated. Rhonda Lenton, Dean of the Atkinson School of Liberal & Professional Studies, congratulated those who worked together to prepare this new programme proposal, and welcomed its distinct and interdisciplinary focus on social justice. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the proposed Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Administration and Law be APPROVED."

6. Proposed New Graduate Diploma
Approved at the November 16, 2005, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering (Type 4–"Stand-Alone")

Professor Eli Prisman, Coordinator of the existing Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering ("degree-concurrent), introduced this new, stand-alone graduate diploma. The existing graduate diploma has enjoyed much success, Professor Prisman stated, but potential students from outside degree programmes have expressed an interest. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously

"that the proposed Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering (Type 4-"Stand-Alone") be APPROVED."

7. Curricular Changes
Approved at the November 16, 2005, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Law

Part-Time LL.M. General
Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Municipal Law

Chair Asia Weiss recognized Part-Time Law Associate Director Richard Haigh, who introduced these items for Council approval. He noted that over the last 10 years successive specialisations had been introduced and approved with much success. However, professional lawyers sought the flexibility of designing their own programme of study. With the Part-Time LL.M. General, graduate students will be able to choose such a programme, in consultation with the Associate Director. The proposed programme draws on current offerings and does not require new resources. The Part-Time LL.M. specialising in Municipal Law represents another traditional, but important, offering, as many new issues related to cities arise for lawyers. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED,

"that the proposed new Part-Time LL.M. General and Part-Time LL.M. specialising in Municipal Law be APPROVED."

8. Curricular Changes
Approved at the November 10, 2005, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee, and received for information at the November 16, 2005, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

Members of Council were invited to view these documents in the FGS Council office. The items were received for information.

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

a) Graduate Programme in Business Administration

Change in Course Description
Management 6200 3.0: "Business Administration and the Law"

b) Graduate Programme in Computer Science

New Course Proposal
Computer Science 6335 3.0: "Topics in Virtual Reality"/Prerequisite: Computer Science 4471 3.0: "Introduction to Virtual Reality" or equivalent is recommended

c) Graduate Programme in Education

Education 5226 3.0: "Action Learning"/Same as Environmental Studies 6144 3.0

d) Graduate Programme in Environmental Studies

New Course Proposal
Environmental Studies 6147 3.0: "Humanitarian Crises"

Course Deletions
Environmental Studies 5147 3.0: "Nature and Environment in Western Thought"
Environmental Studies 6146 3.0: "Representing Nature"

Change in Course Title
Environmental Studies 5073 3.0: from "New Social Movements" to "New Social Movements, Activism and Social Change"/Same as Communication & Culture 5307 3.0/Integrated with the undergraduate course Environmental Studies 4161 3.0

e) Graduate Programme in Executive Master's in Business Administration

Minor Change in Degree Requirement
Deletion of Executive Master's in Business Administration 5060 1.0 as a course requirement

Join Two Courses
Join Executive Master's in Business Administration 5050 1.0: "Operational Strategies for the General Manager" and 5060 1.0: "Economic Goals and the International Economy"
as 5050 2.0: "Operational Strategies for the General Manager"

Course Deletion
Executive Master's in Business Administration 5060 1.0

f) Graduate Programme in Film & Video

Film & Video 5245 3.0: "Future Cinema"/Same as Communication & Culture 6507 3.0

g) Graduate Programme in Humanities

New Course Proposal
Humanities 6111 3.0: "Book Culture East and West"

h) Graduate Programme in Kinesiology & Health Science

New Course Proposals
Kinesiology & Health Science 6153 3.0: "Brain and Behaviour: Cognitive Systems"
Kinesiology & Health Science 6410 3.0: "Research Design in Public Health"
Kinesiology & Health Science 6450 3.0: " Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health"

Course Deletion
Kinesiology & Health Science 6151 3.0: "Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging and Rehabilitation of Motor Control"

i) Graduate Programme in Law

New Course Proposal
Law 6606 3.0: "Comparative Corporate Governance and Political Economy"

Part-time LL.M. Specialising in Administrative Law
New Course Proposal
Law 6720P 3.0: "Selected Issues in Judicial Administration"

Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Municipal Law
New Course Proposals
Law 6111 6.0: "Municipalities in a Legal and Policy Context"
Law 6112 3.0: "Ethics and Municipalities"
Law 6113 6.0: "The Widening Scope of Municipal Jurisdiction"
Law 6114 6.0: "Planning and Development Law"
Law 6115 6.0: "Municipal Effectiveness"
Law 6116 3.0: "Environmental Protection"
Law 6117 3.0: "Municipal Liability"

j) Graduate Programme in Political Science

New Course Proposals
Political Science 6083 3.0: "TechnoPolitics"
Political Science 6755 3.0: "Feminist Epistemologies and Methods"

Course Deletion
Political Science 5870 3.0: "Political Economy of Development"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts Political Science 4770 3.0

k) Graduate Programme in Psychology

New Course Proposals
Psychology 6215 3.0: "Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience: Methods of NeuroImaging: PET and fMRI"
Psychology 6216 3.0: "Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience: Rational and Emotional Processing"

l) Proposed Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Administration & Law

New Course Proposals
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6000 3.0: "Public Management"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6010 3.0: "Leadership and Human Resources Management"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6020 3.0: "Public Finance and Accounting"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6100 3.0: "Canadian Constitution and Administrative Law"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6120 3.0: "Ethics, Privacy and Access to Information"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6130 3.0: "Equity, Policy, Law and Planning"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6200 3.0: "Research Methods and Information Systems"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6210 3.0: "Programme Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6230 3.0: "Topics in Public Policy"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6240 3.0: "Independent Research"
Public Policy, Administration & Law 6250 3.0: "Major Research Paper"

m) Graduate Programme in Sociology

New Course Proposals
Sociology 6065 3.0: "Research Design with Qualitative Methods"
Sociology 6095 3.0: "Interviewing Methods"
Sociology 6665 3.0 and 6.0: "Sociologies of Global Capitalism"
Sociology 6675 3.0: "Political Sociology"

Course Deletions
Sociology 6140 3.0 or 6140 6.0: "The Theory of Texts"/Same as Philosophy 6610 3.0 or 6610 6.0 and Social & Political Thought 6614 3.0 or 6614 6.0
Sociology 6690 3.0 or 6690 6.0: "Selected Topics in Comparative Social Institutions"
Sociology 6750 6.0: "Latin American and Caribbean Society"

n) Graduate Programme in Women's Studies

New Course Proposal
Women's Studies 6133 3.0: "Gender and International Human Rights: Law, Citizenship and Borders"

Special Topics Course
Women's Studies 6906 3.0: "Women and Militarization"

9. Other Business

There was no other business.

10. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.