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Graduate Studies

Fieldwork Cost Fund

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Application deadlines

There is one competition per year, in Spring.

The online portion of the 2013-2014 FCF application will be available from Monday, February 3, 2014 until Monday, March 3, 2014.

Completed and signed paper applications must be submitted to the relevant graduate program office by Monday, March 3, 2014.

The Office of the Dean strongly advises applicants to complete the online portion of the application well in advance of the deadline to allow adequate time to obtain the required signature and comments from their supervisor.

Fund description

The Fieldwork Cost Fund (FCF) assists with costs directly connected with research carried out “in the field” by registered, full-time York graduate students.

Applications for the FCF are accepted in the Spring of each year.

Applications are reviewed and allocations are determined by a committee consisting of:

  • 1 full-time faculty member selected by the University; and,
  • The dean of Graduate Studies or designate.

Allocated funds are provided to successful applicants by reimbursement after eligible expenses are incurred and original, detailed receipts are provided. Reimbursement claims must match the budget line items approved by the Fieldwork Cost Fund Committee.

Eligible applicants

  • Registered, full-time York graduate students.

Conditions include:

  • Applicants must not have outstanding grades of “I” at the end of the term prior of receiving the award;
  • Applicants may apply more than once for the same research (in separate competitions); however, ongoing annual trips which do not produce significantly different progress will not be supported. In a case of re-application, applicants must submit a sound rationale for additional field research and a recommendation from the graduate program director;
  • Applicants must be registered in full-time status both at the time of application and at the time the research is undertaken;
  • Only complete applications are considered; and,
  • Applicant’s thesis/dissertation proposal must have been approved by the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies prior to submission of the application.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses may include:

  • Travel and/or accommodation necessary for research;
  • Incentive payments to research participants;
  • Materials, supplies, photocopying and other services essential to the research; and/or,
  • Disability accommodation costs (e.g., attendant care, medical equipment costs, accessible transportation, interpreters, note takers)

Conditions include:

  • Applications to cover expenses for fieldwork prior to the competition may be considered when an applicant provides sufficient rationale for why the application was not made in the previous competition;
  • Allocated funds are provided to successful applicants by reimbursement after eligible expenses are incurred and original, detailed receipts are provided; and,
  • Reimbursement claims must match the budget line items approved by the Fieldwork Cost Fund Committee.

Ineligible expenses

The FCF generally does not cover:

  • Books;
  • Conference costs;
  • Subsistence costs;
  • Local travel costs;
  • Tuition and related fees;
  • Equipment considered a normal student expense; and/or,
  • Similar items considered normal student expenses.

The Committee may, if it deems appropriate, award funds for such budget items if the expenses are demonstrated to be essential for the completion of the research, and a less expensive alternative is unavailable.

If research plans include travel to a conference site for the specific purpose of interviewing experts presenting there, the applicant must provide evidence that interview appointments were arranged in advance of travel.

Amount of allocations

Successful applications may be allocated up to $5,000/year. Due to an increasing number of applications, the average award to students in 2012 was $1200.

Allocation process

After the FCF Committee determines allocations, all applicants are notified by email of the committee’s decision(s) prior to the summer 2013 term. Successful applicants receive notification of the maximum value of the allocation, the budget line items approved for reimbursement and the process for filing claims for reimbursement.

Claims process

Field research must be undertaken and claimed within the next three (3) terms after the deadline (i.e., for Spring 2014 applications, research trips must be taken prior to March 31, 2015).

Submitting claims:

  • Complete and sign a Reimbursement of Expense Claim form;
  • Attach original, detailed receipts and a list of items and/or services purchased, the method of payment and total cost;
  • Attach a detailed list of expenses corresponding to the submitted receipts and the expenses approved by the FCF Committee; and,
  • Credit card or bank statements, and/or credit card or debit payment confirmation slips are not original detailed receipts and cannot be used in this claim.


You are required to print this application form immediately upon completion of the online portion.

Ensure you are able to print before beginning the application. This application cannot be saved for access at a later time. You will be sent an email confirmation after submission of the online portion of the application.

The following elements are required to complete the on-line portion of the application form:

  • Personal information, including your student number and program details;
  • Detailed research budget; and,
  • Information on additional sources of funding.

Application process

  • The applicant completes prints and signs the online application form.
  • The applicant submits the printed application form to the relevant graduate program office, with:
    • A one-page (250-word maximum) description of the thesis/dissertation project; and
    • A supervisor’s statement/letter of support from their principal supervisor. (may be written on actual application form or on separate page).
  • After graduate program directors review and rank applications for submission, graduate program offices deliver approved and ranked applications along with the cover sheet to the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies.

* Graduate program directors must confirm on the cover sheet that all submitted applications meet the following criteria:

    • Requested funds are intended for research that is directly related to the fulfillment of the students’ degree requirements;
    • Requested funds are essential to the completion of the students’ research;
    • Requested funds are unlikely to be secured from another source; 
    • All applicants whose research involves human participants have received research ethics approval for their proposed research; and,
    • A completed risk assessment form is on file, where appropriate.

Important technical note

It is recommended that you complete the online portion of the application on a computer using a Windows operating system. If you are using an Apple computer, use Google Chrome as your browser.



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