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Faculty of Graduate Studies

Provost Dissertation Scholarship

Award level:  Doctoral.
Award value: (a) $21,000 scholarship (must be held over a minimum of 2 terms to receive full value);
(b) Tuition Fee Waiver (based on domestic rate only) *;
(c) $1,000 Research Allowance to support you and your research; and,
(d) $1,000 Completion Bonus (within 6 months of completion of the award, upon submission of the final three copies of the dissertation and all revisions).
Renewable: Non-renewable.
Domestic/VISA: Both are eligible.
Number of awards: 6 awards.**
Eligible area of study: Open to all graduate programs.
Selection criteria: Nominees must be outstanding students (with an A average) and must be registered as a full-time student;
  1. Nominees must have completed all required course work and all other program requirements except the dissertation;
  2. Nominees must have a dissertation proposal approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies; ***
  3. Nominees must have completed no more than the second term as a Ph.D. 5 Candidate at the start of the award. Approved disability accommodations will be taken into account;
  4. Nominees must be in a position to complete all degree requirements within twelve months of the commencement of the award. If a recipient’s dissertation is not successfully defended and submitted to FGS by that time, he/she will not be permitted subsequent to register full-time. ****
Application / nomination package:
  1. A statement from the student outlining their research and plans for completion of the dissertation within the year and agreeing to the terms of the Scholarship;
  2. A letter of nomination from the Graduate Program Director indicating how the nominee meets the criteria, including when the Program expects completion of the dissertation during the term of the Scholarship;
  3. A letter from the supervisor commenting on nominee’s progress on the dissertation to date, and the plan for completion during the term of the Scholarship;
  4. A letter of reference from one other faculty member;
  5. York University Transcript; and,
  6. A current curriculum vitae;
Process: No application is required. Candidates will be nominated by their Graduate Program. Graduate Programs will normally be permitted to nominate two, and in no case more than four students each year for the Provost and the Susan Mann Scholarship. If multiple students are nominated, then the program is required to submit a formal ranking of the nominees and a rationale for the ranking. Complete nomination packages (with all documents) are to be submitted in one package to FGS by the deadline date.
FGS deadline: Program nominations, with complete documentation and rankings, are to be submitted to Sandra Yiu in the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies by April 15.
For more information:
Contact: Graduate Program Office or Sandra Yiu in FGS
Notes: The Provost Dissertation Scholarship is awarded to encourage and assist outstanding students in their final year of doctoral study to concentrate exclusively on and complete their dissertations. This award is designed to assist students financially and with a faculty facilitated, peer-reviewed dissertation completion writing workshop. It substitutes the research-funding component of other dissertation awards with a writing workshop focused on dissertation chapter completion. Supervisory committees play a role by committing to review their own students’ work, adhering to a mutually agreed-upon and realistic schedule.
* Tuition fee waiver only payable for the terms to which recipients are registered. If award is spread over two terms, tuition fee waiver only applicable for those two terms.
** Subject to change.
*** FGS will confirm approval of dissertation proposal after submission of nomination.
**** Possible VISA and OSAP implications if studies not completed by the end of the award due to part-time status.
Recipients must be registered active as a full-time student to hold the Scholarship.
Recipients of the Scholarship may not hold any York University support in the form of research, graduate, or teaching assistantships or equivalent and may not hold any other major scholarship (e.g., equivalent in value to an OGS award). Heath benefits available through GSA Health Plan.



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