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Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarship (GSMP award)

Award level:  Masterís or doctoral.
Award value: Up to $8,000.*
Renewable: Non-renewable.
Domestic/VISA: Both are eligible.
Number of awards: Up to 2*
Eligible area of study: (a) Current issues facing women.
Selection criteria: (a) Research in current issues facing women; (b) Academic accomplishments; (c) Financial need; (d) Demonstrated academic excellence.
Application / nomination package: (a) Statement of research; (b) CV; (c) Transcripts (supplied by graduate program from Admissions file); (d) Confirmation of financial need; and, (e) Letter of nomination (supplied by graduate program director).
Process: The admissions committee in the Graduate Program of Gender, Feminist and Womenís Studies is encouraged to review all admissions applications to the program to identify eligible students for nomination. The program is encouraged to use this significant award to help persuade top applicants researching current issues facing women to accept an offer of admission to the program. The program will identify potential nominees and request the documentation noted above. The program will meet prior to April 1 to identify the nominee for the following academic year. Note: students cannot apply directly to FGS. They must be nominated by their Graduate Program.
FGS deadline: The Graduate Program can nominate a maximum of two files to FGS in rank order. The program nominations, with complete documentation, are due to Sandra Yiu in the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies by April 1. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards Committee will review nominees for eligibility.
For more information:
Contact: Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Womenís Studies
Notes: * The value and number of award(s) in any given year will depend on the rate of distribution from the endowment fund and the number of recipients selected.
Graduate Studies Matching Program (GSMP) Awards
The Graduate Studies Matching Program (GSMP) is a scholarship and awards fundraising program, initiated by the York University Foundationís YorkU50 fundraising campaign to raise money for graduate student funding. One goal of the GSMP is to attract top applicants to our graduate programs. Most awards will be for specific programs; others, such as the one listed below, possess broad eligibility criteria allowing many programs to take advantage of submitting their strongest prospective student for consideration.



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