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Faculty of Graduate Studies

Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation (a GSMP award)

Award level:  Master's or doctoral
Award value: If awarded to Master's: 2 awards at up to $12,500* If awarded to Doctoral: 1 award at up to $25,000 or two awards at up to $12,500*
Renewable: Non-renewable
Domestic/VISA: Canadian citizens, permanent residents and/or protected persons who are residents of Ontario are eligible.
Number of awards: 1.*
Eligible area of study: (a) Research related to neotropical conservation that is undertaken in the vicinity of the Las Nubes Biological Reserve in Costa Rica; (b) Research that contributes to meeting the goals of the Las Nubes Progject.
Selection criteria: (a) Research related to neotropical conservation that is undertaken in the vicinity of the Las Nubes Bioloical Reserve in Costa Rica, and/or that contributes to meeting te goals of the Las Nubes Project; (b) Academic accomplishments; (c) Financial need; (d) Students must exhibit an outstanding academic record (minimum B average).
Application / nomination package: (a) Statement of research; (b) CV; (c) Transcripts (supplied by graduate program from Admissions file); (d) Confirmation of financial need; (e) Letter of nomination (supplied by the graduate program director).
Process: The Las Nubes Program will identify potential nominees and request the documentation noted above. The Las Nubes Program will meet prior to April 1 to identify the nominee for the following academic year. Note: students cannot apply directly to FGS. They must be nominated by their Graduate Program.
FGS deadline: Prorams with eligible files can nominate a maximum of two files to FGS in rank order. Program nominations with complete documentation will be sent to Sandra Yiu in the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies by April 1. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards Committee will review nominees for eligibility.
For more information:
Contact: Graduate Program in Environmental Studies
Notes: * The value and number of award(s) in any given year will depend on the rate of distribution from the endowment fund, and the number of recipients selected.



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