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Faculty of Graduate Studies

Youngrahn Woo Graduate Memorial Award

Award level:  Master's
Award value: $12,500
Renewable: All awards are non-renewable.
Domestic/VISA: Canadian citizens, permanent residents and/or protected persons who are residents of Ontario are eligible.
Number of awards: 1 award.*
Eligible area of study: Korean language, culture studies, visual arts, humanities, fine arts
Selection criteria: (a) Incoming graduate students undertaking research on the topic of Korean history, culture and society; (b) Showing promise of leadership in the Korean community in Canada; (c) Academic accomplishments; (d) Financial need.
Application / nomination package: (a) Statement of research; (b) CV; (c) Transcripts (supplied by graduate program from Admissions or student file); (d) Student Financial Profile; (e) Letter of nomination (supplied by the graduate program director).**
Process: The admissions committee in the graduate program is encouraged to review all admissions applications to the program for eligible students to receive this scholarship. Programs are encouraged to use this significant scholarship to help persuade top applicants to accept an offer of admission to join York University. Note: students cannot apply directly to FGS. They must be nominated by their Graduate Program. Programs will identify potential nominees and request the documentation noted above.
FGS deadline: The Graduate Programs can nominate a maximum of one file to FGS. The program nomination, with complete documentation, is due to Sandra Yiu in the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies by March 17.
For more information:
Contact: Graduate Program Office
Notes: * Subject to change. ** Where graduate program directors are supplying letters of support to more than one applicant, the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies will require a rank order of applicants.



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