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Faculty of Graduate Studies

Graduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction (GFAD)

Award level:  Masterís and Doctoral.
Award value: 2014-15
Research Assistantship $7,000
All Tuition Fees $5,500*
Research Assistantship $7,000
All Tuition Fees $5,500*
Renewable: Up to 2 years of funding is available for Masterís students who are in a program which has an advertised length of 2 years. Up to 3 years of funding is available for Doctoral students.
Domestic/VISA: Both are eligible.
Number of awards: Up to (two )2 awards at each level.**
Eligible area of study: High potential for future leadership in International Affairs (a) Environmental Protection; (b) Fine Arts; and/or, (c) Political Economy.
Selection criteria: (a) Academic accomplishments; (b) Leadership potential; and, (c) Experience in international affairs.
Application / nomination package:
  1. CV;
  2. Research statement (one page);
  3. Statement of strengths and weaknesses vis-ŗ-vis leadership potential;
  4. List of experience(s) indicating potential future leadership in international affairs;
  5. Transcripts (supplied by graduate program from Admissions file);
  6. Three*** academic letters of recommendation (supplied by graduate program from Admissions file); and,
  7. Letter of nomination (supplied by graduate program director).
Process: Graduate programs are encouraged to pro-actively contact applicants who are eligible for the award. Applicants to graduate programs at York may self-identify. Programs with eligible files can nominate a maximum of two files at each level to FGS in rank order.
Note: students cannot apply directly to FGS. They must be nominated by their Graduate Program.
FGS deadline: Program nominations, with complete documentation, are due to the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies on April 8th.
For more information:
Contact: Graduate Program Director or Assistant, or Sandra Yiu (
Notes: * Approximate value of domestic fees for three terms.
** Subject to change.
*** If the Admissions file contains only two letters of recommendation please indicate within the letter of nomination from the Program.



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