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   Dissertation Topics of PhD's to be Awarded in 2015

Alan Bourke

Universities, Community Engagement, and Democratic Social Science

Jordan Cicalo

Solving the Unsolvable:  Western Responses to Otherness From Saint Augustine

Democratia Dafnos

Negotiating Colonial Encounters:  (Un)Mapping the Contemporary Policing of Indigenous Protests in Canada

Suzanne Day

Making It Work:  A Study of the Decision-Making Processes of Personal Support Workers in Long-Term Residential Care

Michael Follert

From Foundation to Dissolution:  Rethinking the Social Contract Tradition

Jennie Haw

From the Incinerator to the Bank:  A Feminist Qualitative Study of Private Cord Blood Banking in Canada

David Moffette

Governing Irregular Migration:  Logics and Practices in Spanish Immigration Policy

Katherine Pendakis

Political Genealogies of a Generation:  Kin, Movement and Party in the Greek Diaspora

Luz Maria Vazquez Garcia

Adaptation Narratives:  Climate Change and Environmental Politics in Mexican Coastal Communities


   Dissertation Topics of PhD's to be Awarded in 2014

Mike Christensen

Expert Interventions for Democracy:  The Historical and Epistemological Foundations of International Democracy Assistance

Karine Cote-Booucher

The Micro-Politics of Border Control:  Internal Struggles at Canadian Customs

Erkan Ercel

Psychoanalysis, Fantasy, Postcoloniality:  Derivative Nationalism and Historiography in post-Ottoman Turkey

Brian Fuller

Adorno, Hegel and the Philosophical Origins of Classical Social Theory

Alison Jenkins Jayman

Health Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer Care:  A Feminist Political Economy Perspective on Women's Experiences in Ontario and New York

Kate Laxer

Mapping the Division of Labour in Long-Term Residential Care Across Jurisdictions

Latoya Lazarus

The Church and the Law:  Examining the Role of Christianity in Shaping Sexual Politics in Jamaica

Stephen LeDrew

Scientism, Humanism and Religion:  The New Atheism and the Rise of the Secular Movement

Craig McFarlane

Early Modern Speculative Anthropology

Severine Minot

Subjective Experiences of Expats in Vietnam:  Linking Relative Social Position, the Habitus and Practic to Cross-Cultural Adapation

Vanessa Rosa

Remaking the Nation-State:  Multiculturalism, Neoliberalism, and Urban Revitalization

Carlos Torres

The Myth of Martial Law:  The Dynamics of Crisi Management and Fragmented Human Rights Boom in Argentina

Milos Vasic

Becoming Economic:  A Political Phenomenology of Car Purchases


   Dissertation Topics of PhD's Awarded in 2013


Jeff Butler

Tomorrow's Godly Americans:  Citizenship Education and National Identity in Conservative Christian Homeschools

Kelly Holloway

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Student Resistance:  A Political Economy Perspective on Pharmaceutical Industry Influence in Medical Education in the United States and Canada

Jasmin Hristov

Violent Systems of Capital Accumulation:  Paramilitarism and the Colombian Armed Conflict

David Lavin

The Union is the Message:  Messenger Work and Messenger Organizing in the Same-Day Courier Sector

Patricia MacMillan

Science, Conflict and the Devotional Artifact:  A Social Cartography of the Turin Shroud Controversy

Jennifer Mills

Conference Connections:  Identity, Ideology and Institutions in the Congress of Black Women of Canada (CBWC), 1973-2003

Ryan McVeigh

Mind and Self in Society:  From the Standpoint of a Cognitive Sociologist

Andrea Quinlan

Stabilizing the Technoscientific Witness:  A History of Controversity, Medicolegal Practice, and the Ontario Sexual Assault Evidence Kit

Chris Sanders

Ontario Public Health Counseling Practice Following the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure:  A Contribution to the Sociology of Public Health


 Dissertation Topics of PhD's Awarded in 2012


Mark Ayyash

Speaking with Violence:  An Exploration of Violent Dialogue in Israel-Palestine

Gulhanim Caliskan

Forging Diasporic Citizenship:  Berlin's German-Born Turkish Auslander

Maria de los Dolores Figueroa Romero

Comparative Analysis of Indigenous Women's Participation in Ethno-politics and Community Development.  The Experiences of Women Leaders of Ecuarunari (Ecuador) and Yatama (Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua)

Diego Llovet

Public Health, Medicine and the Ideal of Self-Governance:  Conflicts in the Modern Culture of Health and Well-Being

Morgan Poteet

'Can't Imagine Being Without Friends':  How Central American Male Youth in Toronto Seek to Belong