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Paul Anisef

Himani Bannerji
Alan Blum

Don Carveth
Gordon Darroch
Desmond Ellis
Stephen Longstaff

Haideh Moghissi
Janice Newson
John O'Neill

Karen Robson

Stuart Schoenfeld
Alan Simmons

Richard Weisman


Please note that:

  1. Emeritus faculty cannot act as principal supervisors for Ph.D. committees; however, an emeritus faculty may petition to the Graduate Program’s Executive Committee, on a case-by-case basis, if he/she wishes to be principal supervisor on an Ph.D. committee
  2. Adjunct faculty cannot act as principal supervisors for M.A. or Ph.D. committees.
  3. As many Emeritus faculty are active participants in the program, students are encouraged to approach them for membership on their committees


Paul Anisef, Ph.D. (Cornell), Professor Emeritus
Office: 8th Floor, Kaneff Tower  
736-2100 Ext. 20574

Basic Fields of Interest: Education; Social Psychology/Society and Personality; Applied Sociology/Social Policy/Sociological Practice; Occupations/Professions; Socialization; Immigrant Adaptation.
Current Research Interests: 1. Parental involvement. 2. Social/cultural capital and advanced learning predispositions. 3. The link between education and work at secondary and post-secondary levels. 4. Comparative higher education. 5. Longitudinal study started in 1973-74; 6. Young adult learners, youth-at-risk, special needs groups. 7. Visible minority groups in higher education. 8. Immigration and education. 9. Comparative educational studies in life course; liberal education. 10. Privatization in education.
Supervision Style: Friendly.

Himani Bannerji, PhD (Toronto), Professor Emeritusand Senior Scholar


Basic Fields of Interest: Marxist Sociology; Cultural Studies; Third World Sociology; Women's Studies.
Current Research Interests: 1. Women and development. 2. Colonial and post-colonial social and political formations. 3. Feminist theory and its relations to race and class. 4. Immigrant women in Canada. 5. Culture and politics.

Alan Blum, Ph.D. (Chicago), Senior Scholar
(Director, Culture of Cities Centre and of CIHR project, the Grey Zone in Health and Illness; the City and Well-Being)
Office: CSI Annex, 720 Bathurst Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R5

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Theory, Modernity and Culture; Health, Disease and Illness in Modern Society; Symbolic Order and Imaginative Structure; Space and Place; Narrative Methods and Analysis of Discourse.


Donald Carveth, PhD (Toronto), Professor Emeritus(Glendon)

736-2100 Ext. 88378
Email:| Curriculum Vitae |

Basic Fields of Interest: Psychoanalysis and Social Theory
Current Research Interests: 1. Freudo-Marxism and the critique of the Superego.

Gordon Darroch, Ph.D. (Duke), Professor Emeritus

Basic Fields of Interest: Social Change/Social History; Class and Inequality; Cultural Studies; Methodology; Canadian Society; Ethnicity.
Current Research Interests: 1. Canadian social history. 2. Historical methodology - theory. 3. History of family, ethnicity, class, education. 4. Director – York, Canadian Century Research Infrastructure.
Supervision Style: As a retired faculty member, I am available for very few committees as a member only, not supervisor, and on topics closely related to my current projects.


Desmond Ellis, Ph.D. (Washington), Professor Emeritus
Office: 5022 TEL Building             
736-2100 Ext. 55528

Basic Fields of Interest: Conflict (theory/practice); Violence Against Women; Domestic Violence (risk assessment).
Current Research Interests: 1. Youth/street gangs (Toronto and Jamaica). 2. Domestic violence (risk assessment).
Supervision Style: Regular meetings, written submissions, review.

Stephen Longstaff, Ph.D. (Berkeley), Professor Emeritus

Basic Fields of Interest: Quebec Society; Quebec/Canada Conflicts, Adjustments; Canadian Multiculturalism; American Intellectual History (Post 1945).
Current Research Interests: 1. The cultural Cold War: U.S. mobilization of European writers and artists after 1945. 2. Quebec, Canada and Multiculturalism. 3. Neo-conservatism in Canada and the United States.

Haideh Moghissi, PhD (Queen's), Professor Emeritus

Basic Fields of Interest: Race/Ethnicity; Refugees and Immigration; Political Sociology; Middle Eastern Politics and Societies; Islamic Ideology and Gender Politics.
Current Research Interests: 1. Refugee policies. 2. Women in exile. 3. Islamic fundamentalism and gender relations. 4. Changing family dynamics among four diaspora community of Islamic cultures, funded by SSHRC and Ford Foundation.


Janice Newson, Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor Emeritus
Office: 2153 Vari Hall               
736-2100 Ext. 22291

Basic Fields of Interest: Higher Education; Science and Technology Critique; Professions; Interpretive Sociology
Current Research Interests: 1. Time, technology and academic work. 2. Techno-pedagogies. 3. Universities as education/knowledge corporations. 4. Re-constituting the self-world relationship.
Supervision Style: I am best working with students who have a good sense of direction and prefer to work according to their own momentum, as opposed to wanting structure, pacing and content brought into them through tight supervision. Also, whether I am the primary supervisor or a committee member, I expect to meet at regular intervals with, and provide feedback through, meetings with the entire committee. I will not work in situations where the student works with only one main supervisor, and other members become involved later, after projects have been well-defined and advanced. Some members of the faculty work on the “first reader” model: I don’t and I am not a good person to invite into these projects.

John O'Neill, Ph.D. (Stanford), F.R.S.C. Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Email: | Curriculum Vitae |

Basic Fields of Interest: Psychoanalysis; Critical Theory; Classical Theory; Media; Body; Law.
Current Research Interests: 1. Text and discourse theory (psychoanalysis). 2. Political economy of children at risk. 3. Liberal-communitarianism, civic society.
Supervision Style: Easy appointments anywhere; read work quickly and drive projects, comprehensives, etc. toward thesis/completion and submissions to journals.

Karen Robson, PhD (Essex), Associate Professor

Basic Fields of Interest: Quantitative Analysis of Large-Scale Data Sets; Longitudinal and Crossnational Comparative Analysis; Sociology of Education.
Current Research Interests: 1. Transition to post-secondary education.  2. Special education needs.
Supervision Style:  Depends on student but I try to be very task-oriented with regular meetings and feedback on tasks assigned.

Stuart Schoenfeld , PhD (Case Western Reserve), Professor Emeritus(Glendon)


Basic  Fields of Research:  Environmentalism; Transnational Religious Movements, Political Sociology; Environmental Sociology.
Current Research Interests: 1. Environmentalism in the Middle East.  2. Diasporas.  3.  Social construction of discourse on the Middle East


Alan Simmons, Ph.D. (Cornell), Professor Emeritus
Office: B-819 Kaneff Tower  

Basic Fields of Interest: Global migration; Canadian immigration; Settlement outcomes.
Current Research Interests: 1.Canadian immigration policies and outcomes.  2. Forced migration in Latin America.

Supervision Style:  I am available for supervision on graduate committees as a member only, not supervisor, and on topics closely related to my current projects.

Richard Weisman, PhD (Berkeley), Professor Emeritus

Email: |Curriculum Vitae |

Basic Fields of Interest: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law; Law and Society.
Current Research Interests: 1.Role of remorse in legal and popular discourse. 2. Criminal trials as symbolic representation.


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