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Financial Information


Students pay either full time fees or part time fees. If a student wishes to hold an assistantship, they must be full time. Most scholarships also require the student to be registered for full time studies.

The number of courses you enroll in does not determine if you are full time or part time at the graduate level.  The fees are set as either full time rate or part time, not by the number of courses you enroll in, add or drop. In addition you enroll for all three terms - fall, winter and summer each year until you have completed your degree.

If you need to change to part time status, you will need to complete a change of status form with your director (form available on the Graduate Studies web site).

If you need to be away from your studies, you may petition for a leave of absence or withdraw.  Students are strongly recommended to meet with the director to discuss what option would work best for them.

For the rate of fees, please consult the Registrar's information, as they list all fees, including full time, part time, international and the schedule of refunds for graduate students.

Scholarships and Awards

The SPTH Program office also posts announcements on the bulletin board and through the student listserv. Information about the deadlines for applications for scholarships and awards are advertised on the student listserv.


Assistantships are also available to assist students financially. All full time students are eligible to receive either a teaching assistantship (TA), a graduate assistantship (GA) or a research assistantship (RA). Students must apply for a TA each year. PhD students have first priority for TA positions, followed by MA students in their second year. Students in their first MA year normally receive either a GA (where they are expected to assist the Program or individual faculty members with research or Program related work) or a RA (where they work on research related to their own research interests). Except in unusual circumstances, all students can expect to receive one of a TA, GA, or RA.

Additional Opportunities

Additional information on a wide variety of types of scholarships, awards and prizes is sent - on an ongoing basis - to students through e-mail and is also available at the

FGS/CUPE Bursary
This bursary is based on financial need, and students will need to complete an on-line form which includes budgetary expense information. Students are encouraged to supplement the budgetary information with a rational if any of the expenses are unusual or if further information would be beneficial to the committee that ranks the bursary requests. The joint FGS/CUPE committee will assess the requests and the awards will be applied to the students' York Account. If tuition fees have been paid, a cheque will be issued to the student. Students are asked to note that funds for this bursary are limited, and this supplements student expenses, but does not normally award the full amount requested. There are two competitions annually - one for the Fall/Winter sessions, and one for the summer session. Applications are on-line (through the Graduate Studies web site), and student would need to fill out the on-line Student Financial Profile.

Please note: As cheques may be issues and sent to the student's home address, students are encouraged to ensure that their local address has been updated on-line including telephone number and postal code to prevent mail from going missing or to ensure offices can follow-up promptly if there are any problems.

The Graduate Development Fund
The Graduate Development Fund helps subsidize students' travel costs to a recognized academic event where they are presenting their scholarly or creative work. The fund will not support travel to a commercial or remunerated event. (It does not cover taxis, conference fees, hotels, associated research costs, etc.). Students just attending, but not presenting original work will not be funded through this fund.

There is competition each year. Applications are reviewed and allocations determined by members of the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.