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Editorial Positions:

2005-present Editorial Board. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education: An International Journal.

1997-present Regional Editor, Canada. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

2001-2004 Editorial Board. Resources for Feminist Research.

2001-2002 Consulting Editor. Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education.

Offices in Professional Organizations:

1999-2001 Past President. Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

1997-99 President. Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

1998-99 Member. Standing Committee on Government and External Relations, Canadian Society for Studies in Education.

1997-98 Member. Standing Committee on Research and Development, Canadian Society for Studies in Education.

1997-99 Member. Board of Directors. Canadian Society for Studies in Education.

1997 Planning Committee. Socionet Program, Canadian Association of Foundations of Education.

1995-99 Secretary/Treasurer. Canadian Association of Foundations of Education.

1994-95 Social Educational Researchers of Canada. Executive Committee.

1994, 1995 Publication Awards Committee. Canadian Association of Foundations of Education.

1993-99 Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies. Co-chair of Program Committee.

1993-94 Canadian Critical Pedagogy Network. Program Committee Co-chair with Dr. Roger Simon (OISE).

1992-93 Women and Education Committee, (CSSE) Vice President. Program Committee with Dr. Ann Manicom (Dalhousie).


American Anthropology Association
Canadian Association for Foundations of Education
Canadian Society for Studies in Education
Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association
Canadian Critical Pedagogy Association
Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education
Society for Applied Anthropology

University Service

York University

Pan-university committees:

Member, York Ethics Appeal Committee 2006-.

Member, Human Participants Review Committee, 2001-2002.

York Ad-hoc Research Sub-Committee, Office of Research Administration: Chair, 1999-2000

York Ad Hoc Research Sub-Committee, Office of Research Administration: Faculty of Education Representative 1997-2000

Joint Committee on Affirmative Action: YUFA Representative 1998-2000

Centre for the Support of Teaching, York Assessment Forum: Member 1997-present

Centre for Feminist Research: Board Member 1997-99

Centre for Feminist Research. Qualitative Research Network: Co-ordinator 1998, 1999

Senate Committees:

Senate Committee on Research, Chair 2006-07.

Senate. Member 2006-07

Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee: Member 2000-2003
Chair - January 2002 - June 2003
Vice Chair - Fall 2001
Chair of the Glendon Revitalization Committee 2000-01

Senate: Faculty of Education Representative 1999-2002. 2003-

Faculty of Education Committees:

Co-ordinating and Planning Committee 2005-07

Tenure and Promotions Committee: Member 1999-2000, 2005-07 Chair 2006-07

Tenure and Promotion File Preparation Committee

2006 Chair (Tenure and Promotion Application)

Tenure Stream Appointments Committee: Member 2005-07

Affirmative Action Representative 2005-06

2003 (Full professor application)
2004 (Tenure and promotion application)

Dean Search Committee: Tenure Stream Faculty Member 2001

Tenure and Promotions Committee: Member 1999-2000

Faculty of Graduate Studies Committees:

Graduate Faculty Council representative from Graduate Program in Education, 2005-06

Faculty of Graduate Studies, Awards Committee: Member 2000-2002

Graduate Programme in Education Committees:

Graduate Programme Director committee responsibilities 1999-2003
- Co-ordinating and Planning Committee: ex-officio member
- Curriculum Committee: ex-officio member
- Dean’s Senior Management: Member
- Graduate Executive: Chair
- Graduate Council: Chair
- Graduate Petitions: Chair

Working Group for the Doctoral Program Review, 1998-99

Graduate Executive: Member 1996-97

Graduate Petitions Committee: Chair 1996-97

Simon Fraser University

University Committees:

Assessment Committee for New Graduate Programs. October 1993-1994. Meetings as necessary for review of new programs.

Departmental Tenure Committee. Women's Studies. 1994-95.

Ethnic Relations Diploma Program Revision (Faculty of Arts) 1992-present.

Ad-hoc Committee on Graduate Student-Faculty Relations (Graduate Studies) 1992.

Senate Undergraduate Admissions Board 1990-1992.

Faculty of Education Committees:

Appointments Committee: Member 1995-1996

Field Relations and Teacher In-service Committee: Member 1993-1995

Graduate Programs Committee: Member 1992-94

Faculty Salary Anomaly Review Committee: Education Representative 1992-3.

Faculty Appointments Committee: Member 1991-92

Faculty Tenure Committee: Member 1991-92

Search Committee for Associate Dean, Faculty of Education: Member 1991

Service to Other Universities/Colleges:

External Reviewer. 2006. Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. With Dean Jane Gaskell, OISE/UT and Professor Don Fisher, President of Social Science Federation of Canada.

External reviewer. 2005. For Full Professor application. University of Alberta, Faculty of Education.

External Reviewer. 2005. Te Kotahitanga. Maori Education Research Project, Ministry of Education, NZ. Wth Professor Emeritus Christine Sleeter of California State University, Monterey. For Professor Russell Bishop, Principal Researcher, University of Waikato.

Archibald, J., C. Barnhardt, E. Gardner and C. Haig-Brown. (March 2004) External Review of the Native Indian Teacher Education Program, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia.

Tenure and Promotion Review for Assistant- Associate Professor, OISE/UT, 2003.

Quality Assessor for Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board. Indigenous Leadership andCommunity Development, Bachelor of Applied Human Services. Negahneewin College, Thunder Bay, Ontario. August-September 2002.

External Reviewer for the Department of Education, Mt. St. Vincent University. 2002.

Community Service

Academic Advisor to Coalition for the Advancement of Aboriginal Studies 2000-2002.

Academic Advisor to Canadian Race Relations Project conducted by GaChing Kong. “Paths to Healing: Youth Surviving the Impact of Everyday Racism.” May 2000-2001.

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