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Current Writing Projects

Current research

Knowing When the Tide is Right: Community-based Graduate School in First Nations Context.

An ethnography of a community-based masters program. To be submitted for review June 2005.


Focused Observation in the Preservice Program 2005-07.

Te Kotahitanga: Parental Involvement Aotearoa/New Zealand, February-March 2007

Standard Research Grant
Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada. Protocol in Community Partnerships: Redefining Boundaries of Aboriginal/University Knowledges. (Extended for one year following interruption with administrative duties in 2002-03).

On-going writing and publishing based in this research continues through 2007.

Other Research

Community activism

Course outlines

Academic Advisor to Coalition for the Advancement of Aboriginal Studies

Workshop facilitation for Red Lake Community with Kaaren Dannenmann

Aspects of the Foundations of Education
FNDNS 3330.03 T.L. Kennedy, Education
Fall semester 2006

Adult and Community Education
EDU5640M.03 York University, Education
April 4 to June 20, 2000

EDUC 3400 York University, Education
January 9-April 5
Winter semester 2006

Other courses

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