Taking Down the Walls: Communities and Educational Research in Canada's 21st Century

Brock Education, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2001

This article asks what it means to community-based research when we question the material, epistemological, and disciplinary walls of academe. Gesturing to Anishinaape traditional teaching as a place for educational researchers to begin to rethink academic work in the 21st Century, the non-aboriginal author examines some of the reasons for wanting to challenge these boundaries. Focusing on a critique of static notions of community and on current research based in a Pedagogy of the Land, the paper asks what it means to see land, in the broadest sense, as a place to begin to recreate relationships between community-based people and those working out of universities. The paper investigates the fruitful tensions of those moments when conventional scholarship originating within academe enters a thoughtful conversation with traditional indigenous knowledge originating in aboriginal contexts.

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