Democratic research to inform citizenship

in Citizenship in Transformation in Canada, ed. Yvonne M. Hébert, University of Toronto Press, 2002.

In recent years, changes in concepts of citizenship have brought about a reconsideration of political and educational policies in Canada. In Citizenship in Transformation, leading thinkers and practitioners from a number of fields argue persuasively that, since conceptions of democratic citizenship are changing, operational definitions of citizenship education should be reassessed.

Focusing on four themes - conceptual foundations, institutional policies, social and cultural realities, and education - the contributors address two critical questions: What constitutes a "good" citizen in today's liberal democracy? And, what social and educational policies are needed to sustain the lives of these citizens, while not impinging on liberal democratic principles? Bringing together a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives, this book will have broad implications for social and educational policies and institutions in Canada.


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