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Office: 365 Bethune College
Phone: 416-736-2100 x33552



Mazen J. Hamadeh, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, Faculty of Health
Integrative Human Physiology and Metabolism


Personal                                                                         People

         •  Curriculum Vitae                                                                                 •  Graduate Students

                                                                                                                                                      Current: Alexandro Gianforcaro

                                                                                                                                                                  Jesse Solomon


                                                                                                                 Alumni: Barkha Patel

                                                                                                                 Alumni: Rajini Seevaratnam

Opportunities for Students

         •  WorkStudy Program                                                                          •  Undergraduate Students

         •  RAY Program                                                                                                              •   Volunteers

         •  SEP Program                                                                                                              •   NSERC-USRA

         •  NSERC USRA Program


Research Interests

· Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS; Lou Gehrig’s disease): Effects of caloric restriction, antioxidant supplementation and exercise on functional, disease and molecular outcomes in ALS, with emphasis on sex differences.

· Gender differences in metabolism during exercise in lean and obese women and men.

· Vitamin D and calcium intake and their relationship to type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Functional foods and their effects on health and disease.


Donating to Nutrition Research

· Please follow the link below to donate to my research in nutrition.

· Bneath "I wish to direct my gift to", please select "other (please specify)"

· And type "Nutrition Research" in the space allotted.

· Thank you for your commitment and contribution to nutrition research.





· KINE 4020 3.0 - Human Nutrition

· KINE 4120 3.0 - Nutritional Aids in Sport and Exercise

· KINE 4130 3.0 - Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism

· KINE 4060 3.0 - Independent Studies in Kinesiology and Health Science


· KAHS 6392 3.0 - Nutrition, Health and Exercise Performance


Links to nutrition-related websites

·  Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide


·  Canadian Diabetes Association


·  Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition

       ·  Watching Briefs

       ·  Consumer Fact Sheets

       ·  Web-casts


·  American Society of Nutrition - Nutrition Vignettes

·  ALS Society of Canada




Last updated: February 5th, 2010